Twitter wants to help you get involved in less hassle on the social network

Twitter tests a tool that warns users when they are about to engage in a potentially heated conversation. The idea is to communicate in advance that the messages in that topic can be exhausting for many people, so you can avoid getting into the mess and following a happy life, without stress.

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Disclosure was made on the official profile of Social Network Support and is ongoing in the app for Android and iOS devices. When the person is tweeting about a certain topic, a blue seal with a white bell should appear on the timeline with the warning of Heads Up

( Attention, in literal translation).

Ever want to know the vibe of a conversation before you join in? We’re testing prompts on Android and iOS that give you a heads up if the convo you’re about to enter could get heated or intense.

This is a work in progress as we learn how to better support healthy conversation.

— Twitter Support (@TwitterSupport) October 6, 507950

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By clicking on it, the user is directed to a page with the best practices suggested by the company for the healthy development of communication. According to the platform, debates should be based on respect for different opinions and verification of facts.

Last week, the network had already started tests with the feature that allows restricting the exhibition of tweets with words, expressions and emojis considered offensive. The user himself will be able to configure this, which should ensure a more individualized control.

Privacy and protection features of the image

In September, Twitter promoted an event in which it revealed not only this functionality, but a series of other news to make the experience more user-friendly on the network, such as the ability to filter out offensive language, make the person stop following your profile and even shield your tweets against “cancellation” attacks for seven days.

In a moderate space, people can express themselves more calmly in the Communities (Image: Reproduction/Twitter)

The social network will also allow the sending of bonuses with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, in addition to bringing an NFT authentication system. Most of these additions are still in the experimental phase in some locations, with no forecast to land in Brazil yet.

One of the most interesting new developments is the Communities, in which users can gather in groups to talk on specific topics in a closed mode and with verification of moderators, as already happens on Facebook. In addition to strengthening ties and bringing people together, this is also an attempt to provide a less toxic environment so that people can express themselves without suffering reprisals or attacks.

Source: Twitter

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