GM dreams big and plans to take Tesla's place in the electric car market

General Motors revealed this Wednesday () ambitious plans that you want to fulfill by 2035. Among them, what drew the most attention during the presentation of Mary Barra, CEO of GM, to investors was in relation to the electric car segment. According to the executive, the automaker intends to increase the range of options for these vehicles and, eventually, within the medium term, occupy the top sales position in the sector, which is currently in the hands of Tesla, a company owned by billionaire Elon Musk. The secret? A strong portfolio with more affordable electric cars.

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“When you look at the strong portfolio, the fact that we will have affordable EVs. We’re also working on the ecosystem that people need, as for many of them it will be their only vehicle. They need to have a reliable and reliable charging infrastructure. That’s why we believe we’re going to attract these customers,” he commented.

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GM’s CEO, along with the company’s president, Mark Reuss, reinforced that the commitment is to adopt the path of total electrification soon. The idea is to start gradually and, until 2035, have more than 50% of factories in North America and China dedicated exclusively to the production of electric vehicles. The fleet 100% electric, however, would only be possible from .

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Revenue from combustion will be applied in electrification

Image: Disclosure/General Motors

While putting into practice the gradual advance of fleet electrification, GM does not intend to turn a blind eye to the combustion vehicle market. Even though it is close to definitely saying goodbye to Camaro, a super sports car that has conquered generations, the company knows that it depends on new combustion releases to maintain profits and, therefore, invest more and more in electric cars.

“GM’s vision of a world with zero accidents, zero emissions and zero congestion has put us ahead of much of the competition in race for electrification, software-enabled services and battery life. Our first investments in these trends transformed GM from a vehicle manufacturer to an innovation platform company, with customers at the center of everything we do. GM will use its hardware and software platforms to innovate and improve the everyday user experience, including everyone on the journey to an all-electric future,” concluded the CEO.


General Motors’ idea is to reach up to US$ 300 billion in annual revenues up to 2035, more than double the US $ 100, 5 billion disclosed in the balance of 2025. Part of this recipe, by the way, already has a certain destination: electrification. The automaker recently announced that it intends to invest US$ 100 billion in the segment up to 2030.

Source: TechCrunch, General Motors

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