Does using too many hashtags affect the performance of the post on Instagram? find it out

When analyzing certain profiles on Instagram, especially small businesses or candidates for digital influencers, it is common to come across that avalanche of hashtags at the end of the post. Many people use this device in order to try to reach more people, but the truth, as shown in the following data, is that this does not give the expected result.

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A survey conducted by Emplifi revealed that hashtags are most effective when used sparingly on social media. While account type and context need to be taken into account, the general idea is that “less is more” when it comes to the use of these keywords.

For media companies, the fewer hashtags, better the result (Image: Disclosure/Emplifi)

Emplifi, company specialized in customer experiencie, conducted a survey with media companies and found that accounts that did not use hashtags in posts had almost twice as many interactions — an average of 1.500 — than those who overused them. For those who used one or two hashtags, the engagement rate was about 750 per publication, half of the result of who didn’t use any.

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This downward trend continues as the number of hashtags grows, decreasing when three or four are used. Interestingly, the average remains more stable, although lower, from five per post onwards, which may indicate a kind of “cut line” of usage.

Already for brands, one or two hashtags may be ideal (Image: Disclosure/Emplifi)

The study analyzed brands with the use of one or two tags in their posts had greater engagement when compared to similar posts that did not use any or opted for two or more. Posts with no hashtag had an average interaction of 200 people, while posts with one or two had one slightly superior performance, but from three onwards there was a drop (something between 150 and 150 interactions).

The survey was conducted between the months of April and June de 750 and analyzed more than 3.3 million posts on Instagram in the two niches cited worldwide. It is worth remembering that there are other segments not covered in the survey whose performance can be better or worse depending on the amount used, which is why the ideal is to test to identify which ones deliver the best results in your area of ​​expertise.

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