Fast Shop will sell Disney products and will have experience as a differential

The minimalist setting of Fast Shop stores has just gotten more colorful: Disney, Disney Princess, Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars brands have arrived on the network. The partnership between the companies foresees a sales format based on experience. Companies say that the idea is to delight the consumer, with an approach similar to that which occurs in Disney’s own stores.

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  • For this, the stores will have activations in spaces inspired by the brand’s universe. This strategy was already in the plans of Fast Shop, which has sought to expand the kids segment and get closer to the geek public: in December, for example, it started selling Lego Disney products, with 55 Manufacturer’s items for sale.

    According to Caio Rinaldi, Retail Director at The Walt Disney Company Brazil , Fast Shop customers will have the best Disney licensed product shopping experience in Brazil. “It is something unique, exclusive, in which the products are presented in a very different way from what exists today in traditional retail”, he describes. “The consumer will be able to feel, see how it works and understand the features in detail.”

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    Image: Disclosure/Fast Shop/Gladstone Campos

    He says the closest thing to the new experience available in Fast Shop is what it exists in attraction stores in Disney’s own units. In addition, he emphasizes that the products found in the new partnership are probably already on sale in other establishments in Brazil, but this contact will only be available at Fast Shop.

    It is common for these products only are seen on display inside the boxes. In general, sales are not targeted and many customers are not helped in choosing the item. “In this project, the idea is for the consumer to feel if that product serves him before buying it”, reinforces Eduardo Salem, Fast Shop’s general director of operations.

    To Luiza Queiroz, Head of franchise marketing at The Walt Disney Company Brazil, the great differential of the partnership is providing an emotional connection with the items. “The experiences are differentiated and include content that helps to make contact with the brand closer.”

    Team training

    Team training was inspired by the service offered at Disney parks. “We do not technically train professionals. We give repertoire so they can tell stories. The idea is that the customer is taken back to an emotional experience they had previously”, explains Rinaldi. “The customer’s approach is not technical, it’s colorful and emotional”, he describes.

    Salem highlights that the Fast Shop team already works in this way. “When the consumer goes to look for a TV, we want him to have the feeling of being watching in the living room at home. Our salesperson asks him which artist he prefers to do the test in a way that is closer to the client’s reality”, he points out. “One of Fast Shop’s values ​​is always to present the latest news to the consumer. We will do the same with Disney products.”

    Image: Disclosure/Fast Shop/Gladstone Campos

    Based on this interaction, executives are betting that many sales will occur on impulse . “Customers will buy because they were delighted. It is likely that they did not go to the store to look for that product, but they will buy it because it is exclusive and very well presented”, points out Rinaldi.

    In this first phase, the team will already start thinking about how the experience will evolve. “In the next step, the idea is to make the experience even more interesting: the customer will be able to talk to the product, have information when he points his cell phone at him or know the relevance of a character in Disney stories, for example. We want the consumer to want to come back.”

    Sales nationwide

    The first stores to have Disney products are Fast Shop Ibirapuera and Fast Shop Pátio Paulista, both in São Paulo. In addition, the items are available on the retailer’s digital channels, with delivery across the country. Those who buy through e-commerce, however, will not have contact with the items in person — something that companies bet on as a differential.

    Customers in São Paulo who buy online will be able to receive the products in within 2 hours of approval of payment for the UltraFast service. Another option is Click and Collect: the consumer buys through the website or the app and picks up the merchandise in one of the Fast Shop’s physical units.

    Image: Disclosure/Disney

    On the other hand, consumers from other parts of Brazil can have the support of one of the network’s sellers. In its mobile application, Fast Shop offers a tool for direct communication between customers and store staff. There, it is possible to receive technical advice, conduct the negotiation and finalize the purchase.

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