How to scan WhatsApp Web QR Code

WhatsApp Web is a very practical way to use the instant messaging application. The version is ideal for people who work at the computer and need to be aware of the messages they receive, but do not want to access their cell phone constantly.

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For security purposes, you must use the WhatsApp application ( Android l iOS l Web l Desktop) to enable the version. The process, which takes just a few seconds, consists of scanning the QR Code displayed on the official website with the cell phone camera.

After that, the user can lock the mobile device and focus their energies on the computer. But for the messenger to work, the cell phone must be connected to the Internet and close to the PC.

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How to scan the Whatsapp Web code on your cell phone

Step 1:

If your cell phone is an iPhone, go to the application settings. To do this, click on the gear icon located in the lower right corner of the screen. If you have an Android device, the process is simpler. Start by opening the menu, represented by a three-dot button in the upper right corner. From the displayed options, select “Connected devices”;

Access the WhatsApp menu on Android devices and, on iPhones, enter the settings. (Image: Kris Gaiato/Screenshot)

Step 2:

then select the command “Connect a device”. If necessary, give permission for WhatsApp to access your cell phone camera;

Click on the indicated command. (Image: Kris Gaiato/Screenshot)

Step 3:

Once that’s done, go to the official WhatsApp Web site on your computer and point your phone’s camera for the QR code that will be on the home page;

Read the code displayed on the screen. (Image: Kris Gaiato/Screenshot)

Step 4:

As soon as the application identifies the code, the messenger will open in your browser.

The app will then register access and enable use of the web version. (Image: Kris Joke/Screenshot)

Ready! Now you know how to scan the QR Code of WhatsApp Web and use the messenger on your computer.

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