Company launches app that evaluates the possibility of recovery after digital kidnapping

Backup and hosting firm HYCU has released a free tool that assesses companies’ preparedness for ransomware attacks. The R-Score, as it’s called, is a rating system that uses different questions to deliver an estimate of how much an organization is capable of sustaining a cyber hijacking scam, as well as the size of the ransom that could be asked by criminals.

Previously, the service was only available to customers of HYCU services, developed after months of research and work in different fights against cybercrime. Faced with the exponential increase in cases of this type, against companies of different sizes, the provider decided to release the tool as a way to spread more awareness about security and help corporations prepare for possible attacks.

For HYCU, ransomware is not a question of “whether a company will be affected” but “when”. As a way to reach corporations of different sizes, while protecting the privacy and integrity of networks, the R-Score is based on questions that must be answered by the responsible experts on matters such as backups, services used, access policy and other mechanisms of defense.

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R-Score scores range from 0 to 1,000 and include insights into each of the steps, generating custom reports and offering free advice to administrators (Image: Replay/R-Score)

The final score ranges from zero to 1,000, while the system also indicates possible paths for improvement according to the sector indicated by the interested parties. On top of that, HYCU also offers a free consultancy focused on ransomware security, also geared towards increasing test scores.

R-Score can be used for free through its official website. Customized reports are automatically delivered by the platform, while service indications and consulting requests also take place there.

Source: R-Score

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