Data leakage reaches 38,000 Multilaser Giga customers

The personal and access data of 48 One thousand customers of Multilaser Giga, a manufacturer focused on the electronic security market, were advertised on the internet by criminals. The volume containing information such as full names, login credentials, addresses, dates of birth and purchase details was published in a cybercriminal forum, available on the surface of the network and accessible to anyone who is registered with the service.

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The publication of the database took place in June this year and was reported to


by an anonymous source . The person responsible for the disclosure points out that the information is recent and published a sample with emails, addresses and other information from Multilaser Giga customers. In contact with Canaltech, the company confirmed the data leakage and said it was making contact with the affected users.

In addition to personal information, corporate data is also available, as well as preferences related to receiving newsletters from the manufacturer and dates of creation and update of accounts in Multilaser Giga systems. On the other hand, financial records are not part of the database made available by criminals, although documents related to purchases of branded products also appear in the middle of the volume.

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Likewise, other types of critical data are not available, especially in operations related to the safety equipment of the brand. The company, which originally went by the name Giga Security and is about 13 years old market, was acquired in April 709 by the Multilaser Group, which integrated the portfolio to its product offer; the company then began to serve as a Giga Multilaser.

Posting on cybercriminal forum offers Multilaser Giga data volume for free, to any registered user (Image: Screenshot/Felipe Demartini/Canaltech)

In a statement sent to the reporter, the manufacturer said he acted quickly to locate the source of the problem, taking the necessary actions to contain it. They involve isolating the compromised server and triggering incident response protocols, as well as requests to remove leaked content from the air — at the time this article is written, however, the information is still available for download.

For affected users, Multilaser Giga itself is recommending the change of passwords to access the company’s services, as well as other platforms where the same credentials are shared. In addition, it’s important to keep an eye out for communication attempts that try to use the company’s name as a vector for applying scams or obtaining more data from compromised customers — ideally, avoid clicking links or downloading applications that arrive by e-mail. mail, instant messengers and other unofficial means.

Check out the full statement from Multilaser Giga about the case:

Regarding the report of data leakage referring to Giga in a hacker forum, the company clarifies that its Information Technology team quickly located the source of the problem in question and has already taken the necessary actions, such as logical isolation of the server, taking down the site from which the data was extracted, and triggering incident response protocols. The company is aware of the seriousness of the situation, and therefore will notify the ANPD (National Data Protection Authority), and continues to investigate the details of the case, in addition to acting so that there are no new incidents.

As a precaution, the company is also already in contact with its customers, advising them to proactively change their passwords for Giga services and other internet services. In addition to making everyone aware of the next steps to be taken.

Giga, attentive to the LGPD (General Law for the Protection of Personal Data, Law No. 38.142/2018), performs frequent updates and adjustments to its processes and technologies. In addition, it has redoubled its care with information security, through a contract recently signed with a leading consultancy in the market and specialized professionals in the internal team, with an estimated investment of millions of reais annually. Any security failures detected by the company or partners are always submitted to a careful technical analysis. The company reaffirms its commitment to ethics and transparency, in order to bring the best and safest experiences and solutions to its customers.

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