Tinder can create virtual currency to facilitate the search for the ideal match

Tinder may soon introduce a virtual currency to offer new features and encourage users to spend more time on the platform. The idea is for people to accumulate these resources to make purchases for profile enhancements and even to exchange real money, in the style of what happens in TikTok and Kwai these days.

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These pennies will accumulate for as long as they remain active on the site, but it is unclear whether there will be daily tasks or extra requirements to accumulate the resources. What is known is that they can be purchased with real money to be used to purchase games and advantages such as Super Likes or Boosts — an alternative for those who want to give a single highlight on their profile, but without a subscriber bond.

After bringing new features to the flirting, now Tinder wants to hold people longer in the app (Image: Disclosure/Tinder)

Tinder is a freemium application , meaning that people can use it without paying or joining a subscription system that gives unique features such as filters, ad omission, profile boosting (it appears to people more often) and the ability to identify who has shown interest in your profile.

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This new The remuneration system will be independent of the subscription model, but it can help increase the amount of revenue on the platform, at least that’s the perspective of Match, the company that owns Tinder. According to the company, the small market tests carried out recently revealed that people are more willing to invest resources in relationship apps, probably due to the loneliness of social distance and the fragility caused by the pandemic.


Pennies can help make subscriptions more popular (Image: Screenshot/Canaltech)

Digital coins can play a key role in this because they would encourage people to spend more time connected and exposed to the app’s features, as well as try out features not tested before, like the Super Likes. The benefits would be double: earn money while flirting and still have the chance to meet your soul mate.

For now, the coin will be released on a trial basis only in Australia, where there is the biggest global app user base by the end of October. There is no forecast of arrival in other locations, but Brazil would probably enter this route, if there is a future expansion.

Source: Bloomberg

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