Unstable WhatsApp and Telegram decrease messages between cybercriminals by 47%

The “blackout” of Facebook services, together with Telegram’s instability due to the volume of new users entering the platform, did not only affect ordinary users. According to a report made by the digital security firm Axur, during the unavailability of WhatsApp and other Facebook systems, there was a drop in 35% of total messages sent by cybercriminals.

  • Criminals use Telegram as an option to the dark web to sell stolen data
  • WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook are back up and running after spending the day offline
  • False leaks of data about Facebook blackout spreads over the internet

According to information contained in the Axur report, the activities of cybercriminal groups on WhatsApp registered a 36% drop from Sunday (3) to Monday (4). When compared to the previous week’s numbers, the decrease is more drastic, reaching 36%.

However, the drop was not only noticed on Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram. With many users switching to Telegram, making the platform gain more than 660 millions of new users in one day, the messaging app ended up showing instability as well, causing cybercriminal messages to decrease by 36 ,% compared to Sunday, and 35,36% compared to the previous week.

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Axur also reports that the Telegram did not only fall in Brazil, with countries like Colombia, Panama and Peru also registering instability on the messenger.

It is worth remembering that recently, a survey released by the Financial Times revealed that the Telegram is becoming one of the main centers of criminal activity on the internet, with the presence of chats on the platform where criminals negotiate the sale of data, similarly to the dark web forums


The failures of Telegram and Facebook

DownDetector graph showing Telegram issue notifications during the 4th of October. (Image: Screenshot/Dácio Augusto/Canaltech)

The Telegram’s failure was not as critical, with the platform only showing slowdowns and some periods of unavailability of the service on application, during part of Monday (4), due to the large volume of new users using the messenger.

The case of Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram, however, was more severe. For over seven hours, all platforms, when accessed, returned error codes. Currently, all of the company’s apps have already been resumed.

Facebook, still on the night of the incident, released a note explaining what happened to its services. According to the statement, platform configuration changes carried out by the company’s engineering teams ended up causing changes in the routes that directed traffic to the company’s servers.

The note explains that this problem with the traffic ended up causing a ripple effect on the platform’s connections, paralyzing all Facebook services.

Finally, Facebook explains in the statement that no information from users of its services was compromised during the instability , and that the problem was entirely technical, in the control part of the company.

Source: Axur

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