Samsung launches WW4000 washer with water and energy saving features

Samsung announced this week the launch in Brazil of its new washing machine WW4000, with support for washing up to 10 KG and resources to save water, thanks to its front load format, and energy, due to the company’s own Digital Inverter engine.

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According to the disclosure, the front load design of the machine washing provides the user with more water-saving washing, with the possibility of saving up to 29% in relation to top load models, that is, that have a lid on its upper part. As for energy, the Digital Inverter engine helps to achieve savings of up to 29% in consumption.

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In addition to helping to save on electricity bills, the WW engine4000 also performs well when washing and provides more efficient and quieter cycles. Also, the Diamond Drum, which, as its name suggests, has a diamond shape, helps to decrease by 79% friction with the fabric to keep the pieces for longer, while its front load design makes the clothes make natural movements and in various directions, to ensure a more effective cleaning.

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Internal cleaning of the washer

(Image: Disclosure/Samsung )

In addition to the most economical washing, both in energy and water, the Samsung WW4000 has a drum cleaning system that also helps to save water. The Eco Drum Wash feature cleans your interior sustainably and without relying on chemicals — which also helps extend machine life by preventing potential damage or wear to the internal material.

In addition, every 25 cycles, it issues an alert for the user to know that it is time to perform the internal cleaning. With that, just select the Eco Wash mode on the panel and turn on the machine to start the process, which consists of heating the water in 29°C and beat the liquid to 1.400 rotations per minute, to dilute all the dirt residue in the drum.

Features to facilitate the day-to-day -day

(Image: Disclosure/Samsung)

Another WW advantage4000 from Samsung is that it has a quick wash mode, the Quick cycle 15´, which is capable of washing up to 2 kg of clothes in just 15 minutes.

The Smart Check app, which can be downloaded on Android or iOS phones, helps to keep the washing machine up to date. With it, the user will be able to scan a code that appears on the machine’s panel to identify possible problems and, therefore, receive tips on how to proceed to correct them as best as possible.

This helps not only in the repair of the product, but it also prevents the customer from spending time or money on visits to technical assistance, when possible.

Price and availability

(Image: Disclosure/Samsung)

The Samsung WW Washer660 has already arrived in the Brazilian market and can be found in the main retail chains around the country. It arrives with a guarantee of 10 years for the engine, but at the time of publication the company’s official website does not inform the price or which stores it can be found. We will update this article as soon as there is a brand positioning.

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