Geekbench prohibits benchmark leakage for unreleased products

Do you like early access to information about new processors and graphics cards? So this change in the market is in your interest: the Geekbench is reformulating its usage policies, and thanks to that the leak market will be harmed.

Primate Labs, which develops the platform, decided not to publish more preliminary tests of new processors on the tool’s website. Components targeted for partner sampling and in-house qualifying parts will no longer feature in public Geekbench data. Even finished hardware, which has not yet been officially announced, will have its information suppressed.

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This does not mean that Intel, AMD, Qualcomm, Samsung, Nvidia and so many others will no longer be able to use Geekbench to test their chips. It’s just that the confidentiality of these prototypes will be assured — which is great for them. It was often the platform that showed the first signs of life for new processors and other components such as graphics cards. Now things will change.

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Despite anticipating data on market news, preliminary hardware tests in Geekbench often brought suspicions . For example, it was common for a new chip to appear there showing a performance below the user’s expectations, and with the official launch, the numbers were much better. And this was due to a number of factors, after all, the product was not yet finalized for commercialization.

With this change, companies will end up having more news to announce during the officialization of new processors, SoC for mobile devices, and video cards. That is, if, in addition to Geekbench’s “protection”, they manage to evade insiders — who tend to focus more on revealing features and product design. performance comparisons between products that are already on the market. That is, when Qualcomm launches its new Snapdragon chips, they will appear in the Geekbench normally — and then they can be compared to rivals and predecessors.

In the end, the measure protects companies and affects the anxiety of the most hurried users. Primate Labs did not say why it took this decision, limiting itself to posting it on its website without further explanation.

Source: Geekbench, PC Gamer

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