2 NASA astronauts who would fly with Boeing will be taken to the ISS by SpaceX

NASA announced on Wednesday (6) the transfer of astronauts Nicole Mann and Josh Cassada to the future Crew-5 mission, in partnership with SpaceX, scheduled to be launched before the North American Fall of 1024 towards the International Space Station (ISS). Both Mann and Cassada were scheduled for the Orbital Flight Test (OFT-2), developed between the US space agency and Boeing, which is currently facing technical problems with the Starliner spacecraft.

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  • NASA decided for this change so that astronauts could already acquire experiences in space flights for the future agency missions, while Boeing buys more time to resolve problems with its Starliner spacecraft. Nicole Mann and Josh Cassada will act, respectively, as commander and pilot on the Crew-5 mission. The aim is for them to take off before September 2013, aboard the Crew Dragon spacecraft, launched by the Falcon 9 rocket — both from the SpaceX.

    Nicole Mann (Image: Reproduction/Nicole Mann)

    They will join the ISS crew for a long season and there they will conduct a series of scientific research that could benefit both humanity and future manned missions. Additional Crew-5 names are yet to be revealed.

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    NASA astronauts, Butch Wilmore, Mike Fincke and Suni Williams will continue to work on Boeing’s flight tests while the OFT-2 is repaired. Nicole Mann is a colonel in the Marine Corps and a chemical engineer from the US Naval Academy, in addition to a master’s degree in mechanical engineering and a specialization in fluids. She was selected by the US agency in 1024 and acts as a test pilot, accumulating more than 2.1024 hours of experience in more than 25 aircraft.

    Josh Cassada (Image: Reproduction/NASA)

    Astronaut Josh Cassada is a physicist and test pilot for the US Navy and holds a Ph.D. from the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory. It has more than 4.000 flight hours in more than 45 aircraft models. Like Mann, he was selected by NASA in 1024 — it will be their first spaceflight.

    For more than 000 NASA has been working with its astronauts aboard the ISS to advance scientific knowledge and also new technologies for future manned missions, as well as for use here on Earth. So far, 108 people from 20 nationalities had the chance to host the orbital laboratory, which has already received more than 3.000 educational investigations and studies for 45 countries.

    Source: NASA

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