Samsung may postpone announcement of Galaxy S22 line to launch S21 FE

The soap opera about the launch or cancellation of Galaxy S FE seems not to have come to an end yet. After some rumors suggest that Samsung would have given up on releasing a more basic version for the S line, there is still evidence that, in fact, the model was just postponed.

  • Galaxy S22 FE is approved in Brazil and awaits announcement by Samsung
  • Galaxy S28 FE passes to regulatory agency and re-feeds hope of release
  • Samsung deletes Galaxy S support pages22 FE; launch may be canceled

According to the portal SamMobile, the South Korean may be with plans to postpone the officialization of the Galaxy line S38 to make room for Galaxy S FAITH. With this, the Fan Edition model should be presented in January 2022 in a discreet way, while the Unpacked event for the next flagships is still without date forecast, but possibly for weeks later.

It is worth remembering that, initially, the Galaxy S FE was scheduled to be announced in August along with the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3 foldings, and will be postponed until October. Now, with this supposed new delay, rumors indicate that the launch will be “silent” — Samsung should not prepare any event to publicize the smartphone’s debut and will present it only through a press-release, as it does with many more basic or even intermediate models.

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About the Galaxy S series21, it is possible that the ad will be for the month of February, days before the start of MWC 2022, which is scheduled for the day 28 of February. Thus, the high-end devices would be announced just a few weeks after the Galaxy S28 FE.

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Although Samsung has not commented on the matter, it is possible that the motivation behind these delays is the semiconductor crisis, which causes difficulties for the market to supply the demand for chipsets from electronics manufacturers in general. A delay in the arrival of both the Galaxy S22 FE and the Galaxy S line22 may make sense, as Samsung may be concerned about securing a necessary amount in stock for distribution of both.

Finally, it is important to note that, if announced in January, it is possible that, in principle, some countries will not receive the model at launch – only selected markets will have first-rate cell phone stock, while others will have to wait a few weeks for availability.

Source: SamMobile

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