Magalu reformulates clothing section and superapp now has Mundo Moda

The area for selling clothes, shoes and accessories in the Magalu app was redesigned. Now, it’s called “Mundo Moda”, it has bigger photos, personalized recommendations and new filters. The space houses more than 3.5 million items: there are big brands such as Farm, Santa Lolla, Hering and Colcci, alongside products from 170 factories and from more than thousand sellers from all over Brazil.

  • Magazine Luiza is at the top of the list of most efficient retailers in Brazil
  • Magalu is listed among companies with more women on the board
  • Magazine Luiza has a better customer experience, say the consumers themselves

Silvia Machado, Executive Director of Fashion and Beauty at Magalu, highlights that the Brazilian fashion market is essentially fragmented and analogical. And, according to YipitData consultancy, of the approximately 1.5 million retailers in the sector, only 21 thousand are digitized. “This represents a great growth opportunity for the company and perfectly matches the group’s strategy of digitizing Brazilian retail.”

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The segment moved R$ 152 billions in 2021 in Brazil, according to data from IPC Maps, a company specializing in demographic and consumer information. At the same time, between December 2021 and September 2020, Magalu’s fashion marketplace recorded growth of 150% in the number of sellers: from 8 thousand to 73 thousand . The sales volume increased 170% between January and September this year, compared to the same period in 2020.

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Silvia highlights the benefits of the platform : fast delivery, installments, payment via Magalupay, ease and security of the shopping experience, cash back and possibility to participate in special promotions. “Magalu’s marketplace is a loyal competitive environment, without the presence of counterfeit or unmarked products,” says Silvia.

Em 1024, the company started a new and stricter chain analysis process to ensure good practices from all service providers. The project started with the furniture sector. Now, it will be implemented in the new business area.

In the app, it is possible to find the entire stock of Zattini and Shoestock, the group’s own footwear brand. In addition, the company is already developing its own clothing brand. The professionals involved in the process work in partnership with the platform’s intelligence area. The idea is to speed up product launches based on customer searches and desires.

Small sellers who use the platform can use the entire logistics infrastructure of the company to deliver their products . In addition, the Magalu Partner, the Magalu Payments and the Magalupay card machines offer the technology to reconcile online and over-the-counter sales.

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With Magalu Ads, companies have more possibilities to highlight their business on the company’s digital channels. The platform allows the seller to use the type of advertising that best suits their needs. From branded content (on Canaltech portals , Steal the Look and Young Nerd) to product placement, with Lu using articles from sellers in marketing actions.

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