neeraj chopra-arshand nadeem: watch video neeraj chopra backs pakistan javelin thrower arshad nadeem: neeraj has heart of gold too! This hero became a shield for Arshad Nadeem of Pakistan

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Tokyo Olympic Gold Medalist Neeraj Chopra gave an interview on Wednesday. In this, Neeraj narrated the incident of Olympic in which Pakistan’s athlete Arshad Nadeem was carrying his javelin before his first throw in the final. Neeraj took his javelin from him and threw it. Neeraj had said that because of this he threw his first throw in a bit haste.

After this interview of Neeraj, people started trolling Pakistani Javelin Thrower badly on social media. He started telling them all kinds of things. Although Neeraj did not say anything like this in his interview. He had praised Arshad and at the same time appealed to the Pakistani people to support Nadeen. But the controversy on social media was not subsiding.

Now Neeraj himself has tried to end this controversy by releasing a video. Neeraj released a video on his Twitter handle and told in it what was the whole matter. Along with this, he also told the rules related to javelin in the Olympics.

Neeraj Chopra has clarified the ruckus created by Arshad Nadeem of Pakistan over the capture of his javelin.

Neeraj has issued a clarification on this issue by releasing a video on his Twitter handle on Thursday. Neeraj said, ‘It is going on social media that I took my javelin from Pakistani athlete Arshad Nadeem in an interview. It has been made a big issue. It’s a very simple thing. We all throwers keep our personal javelin there but everyone can use it. That is the rule.’

Neeraj said that Arshad Nadeem was preparing for his throw and there is nothing wrong in that either. Neeraj said, ‘It is not a big deal. I am sad that such a big issue is being made unnecessarily by taking my support.

It is worth mentioning that Arshad describes Neeraj as his inspiration. He has been praising Neeraj many times. After the Asian Games in Doha where Neeraj won the gold medal and Arshad won the bronze medal there, Nadine had praised Arshad a lot.

He said, ‘I request all of you not to do this. Sports teaches everyone to walk together. We all javelin throwers live together.

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