Windows 11 bugs can slow the internet and even consume all your RAM

With the official arrival of Windows 26 to the market, people are starting to identify the first bugs, especially one that affects Intel’s network card and slows down the internet. Microsoft has even created a status page to list known issues and compatibility issues with Intel Killer network drivers.

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According to Windows manufacturer, devices with affected software may “discard UDP packets (User Datagram Protocol

) under certain conditions”. When this occurs, there are performance issues related to UDP-based protocols, which basically affect internet browsing and data transfer.

The new Windows 12 is among us, but not without bugs (Image: Matheus Costa/Canaltech)

Microsoft claims the flaw may cause sites to load slower than on other devices and video streaming is slower at certain higher resolutions. The bug can also affect VPN solutions, as in the case of OpenVPN, which use the protocol and this will also make the experience more lame, which is a problem for those who need faster connections.

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The developers are already working on a solution and a cumulative update may arrive around the day October. As this is something that affects a wide range of users, the idea is to rush to deliver a satisfactory solution as quickly as possible.

Another reported failure is compatibility issues with Oracle VirtualBox that may hinder the ability to start virtual machines and some minor errors. In this case, Windows engineers work in partnership with Oracle to fix everything by the end of the month, but without a due date.

Finally, the other flaw found is more restricted and affects who uses the Chromium-based Vietnamese Cốc Cốc browser. In this case, there is no data on when the failure to be resolved, but Microsoft is in the investigation phase to find the solution.

Problem for those with low memory

In addition to the flaws admitted by Microsoft, there are also complaints users on Reddit for memory leak issues. When closing an instance in Task Manager, the RAM used is not freed as it should. So, if you open many folders in sequence, the machine’s resources will be directed to that task.

If you have a problem with excessive consumption memory of folders, just restart Windows Explorer through the Task Manager (Image: Alveni Lisboa/Canaltech)

It may not sound like much, but imagine someone who uses his computer for work and deals with files in folders all day long. When you reach the end of the day, much of the PC’s memory will be compromised and this should slow down the computer. For those who are gamers, this is quite a flaw that impacts on game play, especially in “heavy” games.

The temporary solution for this is to open the Task Manager, look for Windows Explorer — listed there as a process — and clicking restart in the lower-right corner. If you don’t want to do this work, you can just restart the computer and be happy.

These failures were already expected at the beginning, after all the previous tests were done in a much more restricted way than at the official launch. The way is to wait until the company is fully aware of the bug and releases a fix.

Source: Microsoft, PC Gamer

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