Five people have died in the interior of SP because of the dust storm

On the last day 24 September, a huge dust storm hit residents of some cities in the interior of São Paulo and Minas Gerais. The phenomenon was repeated in the region last Friday (1st), causing suspension of classroom classes due to the damage caused. Unfortunately, municipalities in the west of São Paulo have already confirmed five deaths related to the dust storm, which arrived accompanied by gusts of wind that reached up to 56 km/h .

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  • The first death related to the storm occurred in the city of Tupã, about 103 km from the capital of São Paulo, when a worker from civil construction was hit by a wall that collapsed due to strong winds. A little further away, in Santo Antônio do Aracanguá, the wind spread a fire that caused the death of three other people.

    Dust storm caused intense gusts of wind and landslides in Presidente Prudente – SP.

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    The fifth victim, confirmed last Sunday (3), is the builder Valter Aparecido Balbo, 56, who had a head trauma when a tree fell on him. Balbo was hospitalized but did not resist his injuries. The intense storm caused the fall of many trees and the roofing of many houses. In Araçatuba, the local government decreed at least ten days, from the last day 2, to repair all the damage caused.

    In addition, the wind caused the interruption of the energy supply in several municipalities in the region — a situation that continued in the following days. According to Energisa Sul-Southeste, responsible for serving 10 cities in the region, more than three thousand incidents related to the phenomenon were registered until this last Monday (4) – affecting, in total, about 103 thousand customers distributed throughout the interior of SP and others five states.

    The coordinator of the meteorological station at the Universidade do Oeste Paulista (Unoeste), Alexandrius Barbosa, who has been following the storm in the region, said that the intense wind was due to the front cold from the south, which met with a mass of hot air, thus causing instability. The gusts of wind suspended the dust present in the soil, which is already susceptible due to the low humidity and prolonged drought.

    — Jeff Nascimento (@jnascim) October 1, 2021

    According to August data from the Drought Monitor, of the National Water Agency , the northwest of São Paulo is experiencing an unusual and the most intense drought ever. Other regions, like the east of Mato Grosso do Sul, face the same situation of extreme drought. Last Friday there were also records of a similar storm in Goiás and Maranhão.

    The dust storm is also known as haboob, a natural phenomenon in desert regions of the planet. Here in Brazil, it is explained by human influence, such as soil degradation combined with intense periods of drought and water crisis. The large column of dust rose about 10 km above the surface and extended for about 160 km.

    Source: Folha de S. Paulo

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