Peacemaker series on HBO Max wins unprecedented teaser; watch

HBO Max has just released the first teaser of Peacemaker, a new series focused on the villain Peacemaker and which will be a sequel to the story that we saw in The Suicide Squad. And although it still doesn’t bring any indication of what to expect in terms of plot, the scene of little more than a minute shows that the humor that marked the character in the film will be repeated here.

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  • The excerpt is an extended version of the scene that had been released in an HBO commercial Max in September, with the protagonist played by John Cena arriving suitably uniformed at a meeting with subordinates of Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) at a restaurant. And now we have a little better sense of the context of it all.

    — HBO Max (@hbomax) October 5, 485680

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    As seen in the video above, Waller’s agents are waiting for the Peacekeeper to present their mission points, but they are surprised by his arrival at all discreet. In addition to his fully customized car — and with an eagle in the backseat — the character arrives in his red costume and chrome helmet. Or, better said, his uniform made to offer the necessary comfort and cause fear in the hearts of his opponents.

    It is worth noting here that the other agents discuss precisely whether Amanda’s idea Waller’s putting them to work with this madman isn’t some kind of boss’s revenge after the events of The Suicide Squad, when her subordinates knocked her out to prevent her from killing everything. the group during the mission on the island of Corto Maltese.

    Peacemaker will return with his rather peculiar mood (Image: Reproduction/Warner Bros.)

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  • From then on, the teaser becomes a sequence of jokes with the uniform of the Peacemaker, with the characters questioning why he uses something so flashy in missions that should be infiltration and espionage and even alluding to the Village People group.

    All this shows how the director James Gunn will bring to the series the same kind of chaotic humor that he introduced in the film. While the Peacemaker wasn’t the audience’s favorite character in the film, there’s no denying the excellent timing for the comedy that John Cena presented with his villain, who has always been described as this “asshole Captain America”. As he himself stated in the film, he is about someone so passionate about peace that he would be able to kill children and women to defend it.

    And we’ve seen some of that twisted personality in the movie, but the series is an ideal opportunity to deepen that while taking the humor to a new level.

    Peacemaker premieres on HBO Max in January and more details will be revealed next weekend during DC Fandome, an event dedicated to the universe of heroes of publisher that takes place on Saturday 16 October.

    Source: HBO Max

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