Chucky │ New trailer confirms series is sequel to movies

The new trailer for Chucky shows that the new series of the good old Killer Toy should really take the character back to his horror origins and, more importantly, continue the stories fans have followed throughout the films. From what the new scenes reveal, the show will not be a remake or reboot of the franchise, but a direct continuation of the puppet’s stories.

  • Chucky │ Killer doll returns to origins in trailer for new series
  • Unpublished scene by Chucky shows that series will honor the legacy of assassin puppet
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  • So much so that we have some characters from The Cult of Chucky

    giving the face of the series. The trailer brings Nica Pierce (Fiona Dourif) and Tiffany Valentine (Jennifer Tilly) back into the franchise, showing that the idea is really to continue what the movies were developing. In addition, we also see that there is a whole investigation already aware that Chucky is, in fact, a puppet that guards a fragment of the soul of the serial killer Charles Lee Ray.

      And from what was presented, this search for the murderer will run parallel to the story of Jake Wheeler (Zackary Arthur), the toy’s new owner. Previous trailers had already shown how the child would find Chucky, buying him at a garage fair and becoming fond of him as a way to get around his socializing problems. Only, so far, it looked as if we’d see the killer working in the shadows and influencing Jake in one way or another while drawing the town’s suspicions on the boy. However, it is now clear that things will go the other way.

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      The new trailer released by the SyFy channel makes it very clear that we are going to see Chucky actually in action and killing everyone without any brakes while Jake goes be confronted with the truth about the doll he bought. And it must be in this medium that we will follow the investigation and also the development of this cult around Charles Lee Ray.

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A curious point is that, it seems, the puppet was not the only place serial killer put a piece of his soul and the identity and whereabouts of that other half this must be the great mystery around which the show will revolve. At the same time, this will serve to explore the secrets of the city of Hackensack itself.

All of this makes the expectations around Chucky only increase, especially when we remember that the series is being produced by Don Mancini, creator of the entire Toy Killer franchise. So it’s really hard not to get excited about the show’s premiere the next day 27 in October. In Brazil, the series arrives on Star+ on the day 27 of October.

Source: SYFY

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