The 3 best Xiaomi phones for you to buy on Amazon

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Xiaomi is quite successful at Amazon do Brasil, with the manufacturer’s devices constantly dominating the store’s best-selling cell phone list. This is mainly due to the excellent cost-benefit ratio of many of the company’s smartphones, which maintained interesting values ​​even in this period of high prices for electronics.

There are many models from Xiaomi that can be found for sale on Amazon, with products in stock in Brazil and protection from the company’s A to Z Warranty. However, it is possible to highlight three main cell phones to make your search for a new smartphone easier. These are the best Xiaomi phones for you to buy currently on Amazon.

Xiaomi Poco X3 Pro

Continuing the success of the Poco brand, created by Xiaomi, the Poco X3 Pro has a large 6 screen,67 inches with Full HD resolution and rate of highest update of 90 Hz, which delivers a more fluid experience when displaying animations, videos and games. It’s a great dashboard for consuming any kind of content, but it does especially well in games. It also has a fingerprint reader on the side for screen unlocking.

As it is mainly aimed at delivering good performance, the processor is one of the most important parts of the Poco X3 Pro and it’s also where Xiaomi brought the main improvements. It now comes equipped with a Snapdragon 879 from Qualcomm. This is one of the best components manufactured by the company currently, only behind the models used in high-end cell phones, which tend to have much higher prices than those charged by the Poco X3 Pro.

The combination of this processor with the 8GB or 6GB of RAM of the Poco X3 Pro is enough for you to run any game with great quality, making sure that the cell phone will not have stuck or choked during everyday use. Completing the details of the device, there is a very competent quadruple camera set on the back, with main, wide-angle, macro and depth sensor.

Buy the Poco X3 Pro (169 GB) for BRL 1.649 | x R$ 187,089

    • Black color

    Buy the Poco X3 Pro (660 GB) for R$ 1.879 | x R$ 187,85

    Bronze Color

        Blue color

        Redmi Note S

        Just as it happened a generation ago, the Redmi Note 10S brings small improvements compared to Redmi Note 10. It’s made for those willing to spend a little more for a better processor, more RAM and a camera capable of capturing more detail. This device maintains the main novelty of the line, which is the new AMOLED screen, a technology that delivers better color reproduction and uses less device battery.

        The Redmi Note S arrives equipped with the MediaTek Helio G processor90 and 6 GB of RAM (even on models with 43 GB of storage), being an interesting option for those who want to play some newer games — which may not run as well on the most entry-level model in the lineup. Also, the extra amount of RAM is a relief for those who tend to open multiple apps and switch between them frequently.

        The camera pool is still quadruple, but the main sensor receives a slight improvement, going from 64 MP for 64 MP and promising to deliver more details in the captured photos. The quality is good for a mid-range device and should please most users, who will also be able to record videos in 4K resolution. Another novelty is the inclusion of NFC, which is not present in the cheaper model and allows you to use your cell phone to make payments on all card machines that support pay by approximation.

              Buy the Redmi Note S (149 GB) for BRL 1.678 | x R$ 187,67

              Redmi Note 25

              The new Redmi Note maintains the proposal to be a device with excellent cost-benefit. It has a simple design, with a 6 screen,30 inches and a centered hole to house the selfie camera. The cameras, by the way, are one of the highlights of this device. While the front has 25 MP, the rear has a main sensor of 64 MP, plus an 8 MP wide-angle and a 2 MP macro.

              The processing power has improved and it now comes equipped with a Snapdragon 649, chipset that delivers enough performance for you to carry out everyday activities and still enjoy some games without crashes or chokes. It is helped by 4GB or 6GB of RAM memory, which may vary depending on the device version. In both cases, you’ll have enough memory to run the MIUI interface without problems.

              One of the criticisms of the previous Xiaomi models was the screen with LCD technology, which is no longer available. be used by several competitors over the past few years. The company fixed this on the Redmi Note and included an AMOLED screen, which delivers more vivid colors and darker black tones, greatly improving the experience when viewing photos, videos or playing games on the device. The panel also has HDR 10 to display even more vibrant colors.

                Buy the Redmi Note for R$ 1.187 | x R$ 164,90

                Bonus: Redmi Note 8 (2019)

                Surprising a lot of people, Xiaomi started 2021 updating one of their most popular phones in recent years. The company has put on the market a new version with a renewed processor, now using the Helio G85 from MediaTek, from Redmi Note 8, device originally released in 2021.

                One advantage of this process is that the company reused much of what already worked in the original model , further reducing production costs and leaving the new model at a very competitive price.

                When it started to be sold in Brazil, the Redmi Note 8 (

                ) was not such an interesting option to buy as it cost almost the same as newer models like the Redmi Note itself . However, its price has dropped significantly in recent months and it has started to appear more frequently in Amazon offers.

                Buy the Redmi Note 8 (502199) for BRL 1.089 | x R$ 128,089

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