Razer launches headphones and controllers for Xbox and PS5 in Brazil starting at R$ 649

While the internet suffers from great instabilities this Monday afternoon (4), Razer presents news for the Brazilian gamer market, offering the public new headsets of the Kaira X line for Xbox and PlayStation, new Wolverine V2 White Edition controller for Xbox Series X/S, and universal quick charge support for Xbox controllers. Check below for more details about all products announced.

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Kaira X is the wired version of the Kaira wireless headset (Picture: Playback/Razer)

Kaira X for Xbox and PlayStation

Among the highlights are the new headsets Kaira X for Xbox and PlayStation, bringing “the best of Razer’s knowledge in its award-winning line of PC peripherals” to consoles from Microsoft and Sony, betting on high-performance sound, Razer TriForce drivers from 50 mm that result in “clear highs, clean mids and thunderous bass ” second to company esa.

(Image: Reproduction/Razer)

The headset has an integrated flexible microphone for communication during matches, in addition to ear shells with memory foam for greater comfort and a 3.5 mm cable that can also be used in other devices such as PCs and cell phones .

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Kaira and Kaira Pro for Xbox

Other headphones released on Brazil include the new wireless models Kaira and Kaira Pro in white, being “a bold and stylish option for Xbox Series X/S users.”

The manufacturer emphasizes that the Kaira Pro hits the market with TriForce Titanium drivers from 78 mm and HyperClear Supercordioide microphone, also standing out for its Xbox Wireless and Bluetooth 5.0 sound support for low latency on consoles and smartphones.

The Razer Kaira offers the same powerful TriForce drivers of the Pro model, but with a cardioid microphone and exclusive support for the Xbox Wireless wireless standard.

The main difference from the fi design it goes for the black details present on the straps and on the Razer Kaira logo, while on the Kaira Pro the strap detail is silver and the Razer logo is green.

Wolverine V2

(Image: Reproduction/Razer)

A new Razer control was also presented in Brazil by the brand. It arrives with action buttons and d-pad with Mecha-Tactile technology optimized for better reaction and accuracy during games, plus customizable top buttons to give gamers “a much more immersive and personalized experience.”

Universal Fast Charging Support for Xbox Controllers

(Image: Reproduction/Razer)

And to To complement its accessories, Razer also introduced the colorful fast charging universal support line compatible with Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Xbox Elite Series 1 controllers.

The charging cradle it has a magnetic fitting system to ensure that the control is always recharging, is connected to the power supply by a USB-C cable and will be available in Carbon Black, Shock Blue, Robot White, Pulse Red and Electric Volt colors, matching the official colors of the Xbox controls.

Prices and availability

(Image: Reproduction/Razer)

The Kaira X for Xbox will be available in black and white options later this October, while options that match new color Xbox wireless controllers, including Shock Blue, Pulse Red and Electric Volt arrives in November.

The Kaira X for PlayStation arrives in November, matching the colors of the Sony console and is only available in the DualSense themed version, with a black and white body.

The Razer Kaira Xbox headset arrives in white in October, while the Raizer Kaira Pro for Xbox arrives in November also in white. The Razer Wolverine V2 controller is slated for release in November.

The only unanticipated, unpriced accessory so far is the new universal quick-charging bracket for Xbox controllers. News should be presented soon. Check below the official prices of all advertised devices.

  • Kaira X for Xbox: R$ 700
  • Kaira X for PlayStation

    : R$ 649

  • Kaira for Xbox

    : R$ 1024

  • Kaira Pro for Xbox

    : BRL 1.700

  • Wolverine V2: R$ 700

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