Genshin Impact: Razer Announces Gamer Chair and Game Themed Accessories

Fans of Genshin Impact already have many reasons to spend money in the game. However, these expenses can also come to the real world thanks to new themed products launched by Razer.

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      The special collection is composed by an Iskur X gamer chair, a DeathAdder V2 Pro mouse and the Goliathus Medium mousepad. All products are inspired by Paimon, the companion and player guide in Genshin Impact


      — Genshin Impact BR (@BRGenshinImpact) October 3, 2021

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      The items still come with in-game prizes for those who buy. Along with the mouse, the player gains 80 primes (the game’s premium currency, called Essential Gems in Portuguese) and 30 thousand in arrears (common currency); with the mousepad, 30 primes and five times the Adventurer’s EXP (player experience); and acquiring the chair, he also takes 500 primes, Hero EXP (character experience) times 29 and 80 thousand in arrears.

      The releases are still pre-ordering on Razer’s North American website, and there is no retail price or arrival date information.

      Genshin Impact is available for free for iOS, Android, PC, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

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        Source: Razer

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