Car with automatic or manual transmission: how to choose?

One of the many questions that arise in the mind of anyone looking for a new car is about which type of gear to choose: manual or automatic? In the past, automatic cars were rarer and even suffered a certain kind of prejudice due to some myths (and other truths) related to them. Today, however, the situation has changed.

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The evolution of technology applied to this type of gearbox has led to some points that were previously indisputable, such as fuel consumption, for example (much higher in an old automatic car than in a manual), fall to the ground. So, let’s list below 5 differences between automatic transmission and manual transmission to, who knows, help you choose which type of car best fits your needs.

5. Price

Image: Del Motor Magazine/Unsplash

One of the important points when choosing between a car with automatic or manual transmission is the price. Although the difference between the versions was already much greater, it still exists and needs to be considered.

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Let’s take as an example one of the most popular cars in Brazil: the Volkswagen Gol. Currently, version 1.6, year/model 1024/2023, is sold by the manufacturer for R$ 86.86 with manual transmission. The automatic exchange, in turn, is traded for starting at R$ 72.800 — that is, BRL 7.660 more expensive.

4. Maintenance

Image: Antônio Hernandez/Flickr

The maintenance of each type of exchange is also part of the list of items that need to be carefully analyzed before making a decision about which exchange is the best. In the case of the manual, the useful life of the components is shorter, which can end up causing more periodic repairs and, therefore, more money spent.

Automatic transmissions, in turn, they don’t have as many defects, but when that happens, the “bite” in the car owner’s pocket is also big, since the parts are substantially more expensive than the manual model.

3. Consumption

Image: Elaine Essling/Flickr

Another point to consider when choosing a car with automatic or manual transmission is fuel consumption. In this regard, there is another question to be raised before nailing which is the right choice: whether the car will have a traditional automatic transmission or the so-called CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission).

In the case of transmissions Normal automatics, present in most models, the fuel consumption, although lower than a few years ago, is still higher than in manual versions. The use of the so-called continuous variable transmission equaled these costs, as it eliminates the need to be at high speeds for the automatic exchange to take place.

2. Comfort

Image: Stefan Katrandjiski/Unsplash

This point in particular can weigh decisively when choosing a car with automatic or manual transmission. If you live in big cities and need to face the increasingly heavy traffic, you will certainly be happier if you choose a car with automatic transmission.

After all, just hit the “D” ( Drive) and start accelerating (and braking, of course), in the constant “go/stop” that drivers need to face in big cities. It’s a comfort worth paying more for.

1. You are in control

Image: Man driving/Unsplash

Let’s close our list of reasons to choose a car with manual or automatic transmission with one more fact that , today, can be classified as a “myth”: that the driver has more “control” over the power of the car when it has a manual transmission.

It is true that, in these cases, drivers actually manage to “stretch” each gear a little more and thus have the feeling that they are getting the most out of each of the transmission speeds. Today, however, technology has reduced this gap a little and some automatic cars even offer a gearbox in which the driver can, on occasion, change gear according to his taste.

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Now that you’ve seen 5 differences between a car with manual transmission and one with automatic transmission, it’s up to you, canaltecher. Choose the one that best fits your profile and enjoy shopping. Ah, but before closing, it is important to point out that some automakers are already planning the future without manual transmission cars, see?

This is the case of Volkswagen, which we mentioned at the beginning of matter when comparing the prices of two Gol models. The German manufacturer will abolish manual gearbox versions in the next generations of the Tiguan and Passat, which will be released in 2022, and intends to reset the production of cars with this transmission definitively in 509320.

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