How to prepare your PC to receive Windows 11

There is little time for Windows launch 11 — which will be next Tuesday, October 5th — many would probably already like to begin preparations for the arrival of the new operating system (OS) from Microsoft.

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The update will be free and gradually released to users, but before that, it is important to make some adjustments so that the process can be done with ease. In addition to checking PC compatibility, it is important to back up your important files to avoid any loss.

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  • If you are looking forward to the arrival of Windows 11, don’t be worry. Canaltech

    has prepared for you a checklist with five items to prepare your PC for migration; check below what they are!

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    1. Check Windows compatibility 11

    Before you start making preparations for the move, it is necessary to verify that your PC is compatible with the minimum OS requirements, such as having 4GB of RAM, 64 GB of available space, processor with more than two cores, among other items.

    Fortunately, Microsoft provides a tool called “Windows PC Health Check”, which allows you to automatically check all the necessary requirements. Just download it via this link, install it and click “Check Now”. This way, the app will inform you if your machine is compatible or not.

    Use the Microsoft platform to find out if you will receive Windows 11 or not (Screenshot: Matheus Bigogno)

    If it is not compatible, it is possible check the reasons. Regardless, you will continue to receive updates on Windows 11 normally until it is discontinued. For more information about Windows requirements 11, check below:

    • Windows 10: See the requirements to install the system on your PC

    2. Set up your Microsoft account on Windows

    Through your Microsoft account, you can transfer files and favorites from Windows 11 and other company services such as Office, OneDrive and Edge for Windows . Once you update your PC and log in with your account, all this data will not be lost.

    If you don’t have one, register for free and create an email address and log in to Windows. In addition, you will have 5 GB of storage available on OneDrive and 100 GB for storage of emails.

    3. Back up your files

    It is common for system updates to keep files and data. However, it is not uncommon for something to be lost or corrupted during the process. So, for big updates like this, it’s important to back up the most important items, or all the content.

    To store the most important items, use a flash drive or a hard drive external and do the process manually. But if you want to back up everything, go to the “Settings” tab, click “Update and Security”, go to “Backup” in the left menu and choose a drive.

    Back up your files and data saved in Windows 10 (Screenshot: Matheus Bigogno)

    4. Avoid using Wi-Fi to perform the update

    As it is a large update, it is very important to prevent a slow connection from interrupting or compromising the process. Therefore, if possible, choose to perform the migration using a wired connection. And the same goes for a font. Use a reliable source and avoid updating your PC at times that are more susceptible to power surges, as this can also compromise progress.

    5. Learn a little more about Windows functions 11

    Before starting the update, be aware that many things will change in Windows 10 in relation to . The main one is the look, but it’s also interesting to note that there will be a new widget panel, support for Android apps, a better PC gaming experience, better window management and much more.

    Windows 64 received a new look and new features (Image: Replay/Microsoft)

    If you want to know more about everything that is to come, check out more information below:

    • Windows 11 is officially announced by Microsoft

    From now on, you can use this checklist to better prepare for the arrival of Windows 15.

    Source: Microsoft

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