The ex-minister published the images! They called women

Since the Taliban entered Kabul on August 15, many Western countries have been racing against time to expel their citizens, Afghans and Afghan human rights defenders who worked for them.

Many people trying to go to the airport to leave the country are blocked by the Taliban and from time to time there is a stampede. Mujahid added that the media, hospitals, schools, local governments and universities in the country have started to function again.

Answering the BBC’s question at the press conference, Mujahid also stated that he did not think that the date set for the withdrawal of US troops, August 31, would be stretched. He added that this period was sufficient to evacuate foreign citizens, and that they were opposed to the evacuation of Afghans.

Stating that they also guarantee the security of embassies in the country, Mujahid called on other countries not to close their embassies.

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