How to turn Apple Watch Airplane Mode on or off

Some of the features found in the Apple Watch settings work mirrored with the iPhone — that is, when you activate one feature on one device, the other will automatically activate it as well.

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The Airplane Mode, usually used mandatory before the flight takes off, is one of the features that can be activated in this way, simultaneously and at once on both your devices.

However, if you don’t want Airplane Mode to be activated at the same time, on both your iPhone and Apple Watch, you need to keep this option turned off.

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To activate the mode on your smartwatch, just go to the watchOS Control Center — however, it’s interesting to see how the mirroring option is configured for your devices.

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    Check the tutorial below on how to configure, enable and disable your Apple Watch Airplane Mode.

Step 1:

in the Watch app on your iPhone, go to “General”.

Go to Watch > General. Screenshot: Lucas Wetten (Canaltech)

Step 2:

On the next screen, enter the “Airplane Mode” options.

Enter “Airplane Mode”. Screenshot: Lucas Wetten (Canaltech)

Step 3:

if you want the Airplane Mode activation on your Apple Watch to automatically activate the same mode on your iPhone as well — and vice versa — leave the mirroring option turned on. If you do not want and prefer to manage the modes individually on your devices, leave this option disabled.

Enable or disable the option of mirroring of Airplane Mode. Screenshot: Lucas Wetten (Canaltech)

Step 4:

To enable the feature on your Apple Watch, simply drag the screen upwards to access the watchOS Control Center , search for the plane icon and click on it.

Access your watch’s Control Center and click on the airplane icon . Screenshot: Lucas Wetten (Canaltech)

Step 5:

At the top center of your dials screen, you will find the airplane icon, indicating that your Apple Watch is with Airplane Mode activated.

The airplane icon will appear at the top center of your watch screen. Screenshot: Lucas Wetten (Canaltech)

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