Round 6 | Doll from the series is placed in front of a mall and scares pedestrians

Right in the first episode of the series Round 6, we meet the scary doll of the “potato 1, 2, 3” game, which eliminated several players from the game early on. And to bring even more visibility to the production, Netflix from the Philippines decided to put a replica of the doll on the streets and recorded people’s reactions.

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In the video shared on Twitter, the doll giant appears at the entrance to a mall and beside a traffic light, singing when the light is green for people to cross. When the light is closed and someone tries to pass, she seems to lose control, but it’s all an edited prank, of course. See how this experience was:

Better play by the rules because she’s always watching . Will you make it past the first round of Squid Game? 🦑

— Netflix Philippines (@Netflix_PH) September 22, 2021

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  • The doll is part of just one of the deadly games of Round 6, which brings together 456 people who urgently need money and who will compete for a billion dollar amount. At each stage, the winners move on and the losers are brutally murdered. The spooky premise of the South Korean series has been catching the attention of Netflix subscribers and breaking records since its release — Rounrd 6 is already one of the most watched premieres of the streaming service and won first place in the top 22 of 22 countries, including Brazil.

    Due to the success, the public has been questioning the possible confirmation for a second season, which was initially denied by the creator of the series, Hwang Dong-hyuk. However, he left the possibility open when he said that if it happens, new writers and directors will be hired. In the meantime, Round 6 should remain on the list of most watched titles for a while.

    Source: ScreenRant

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