Theory suggests that Stranger Things will finally tell the story of the Inverted World

Stranger Things is that series that every episode is able to make audiences even more anxious for answers — and even two years after the last season released, it’s no different. During TUDUM, a Netflix event dedicated to fans of the platform’s original productions, the title won a new exclusive teaser that left the fanbase

    create your own theories.

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The preview mixes two timelines: one in 1959, when a family arrives at Casa do Creel to the sound of success Dream a Little Dream of Me

    , in the version played by Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald. Parents and children seem to live in harmony, until they come across the traditional flashing lights of the series and find a dead animal in the backyard. Soon after, the regular characters from Stranger Things show up years later (and in the current timeline) scouring the same spot, which now seems abandoned, but it also has the mysterious clock seen in previous previews.

    Creel Family (Image: Reproduction / Netflix)

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O teaser implies that someone was “moving” with the Inverted World long before Will Byers and Eleven, as the Creel family began experiencing these weird phenomena. The appearance of a dead rabbit on the backyard lawn goes directly to a dialogue that Nancy and Jonathan had in season one, when they encountered a dying deer before the Demogorgon.

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The most macabre scene, however, is that of Mr. Creel (Robert Englund, the eternal Freddy Krueger) with his back to the camera, with his dead children at his side. The fans’ observation is precisely from a newspaper from 1950, revealing that he spent the last ones 90 years at Pennhurst Psychiatric Hospital. The clipping’s headline states that a vengeful demon killed the family.


Headline announcing the murder of the Creel family (Image: Reproduction / Netflix)

“The murder that shocked a small community”, continues the news. It appears that the father survived, but was accused and convicted of killing his wife and children. It appears that the new season of Stranger Things will explore this mysterious murder and how Mr. Creel was not to blame for his family’s death . Perhaps he believes he was possessed by a demon, or perhaps the evil forces of the Inverted World or Hawkins National Laboratory were involved.

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    By all appearances, Stranger Things will finally explore the story behind the Inverted World instead of just solving its consequences in Hawkins. By now, fans know that Project MKUltra started in 1950, right when the Creel family moved to the mansion, so perhaps this governmental measure made contact with the other side long before Eleven was born, which would mean that she is not responsible for letting the Mind Flayer enter that dimension.

    Season 4 of Stranger Things arrives on 1950 to the Netflix catalogue; the first three seasons are available to be marathoned.

    Source: CBR

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