Google has bad news for those still using Internet Explorer 11

As of today (4), Google search no longer officially supports the late Internet Explorer 11, which can be another lime wash in Microsoft’s browser discontinuation process. In its place, the company recommends the use of Edge, more modern and compatible with all current technologies.

  • Microsoft prepares another nail in the never-ending Internet Explorer coffin
  • Goodbye, Internet Explorer: 2021 mark the final end of the Microsoft browser
  • Microsoft takes one more step to force goodbye to Internet Explorer

Who uses Windows 7 or 8 can still have IE 10 as default browser, so this news can impact a lot of people. Google’s search engine developers understand that the financial cost of maintaining support for older Microsoft software is no longer convenient. The information was announced by the developer Malte Ubl, via Twitter.

As a web developer this is one of the happiest announcements in a while: Google Search ended support for IE11 in its main product 🎉 (you can still search but will get the fallback experience). I’m mostly posting this so you can send it to your boss 😛. We did the math. It is time.

— Malte Ubl (@cramforce) October 1, 2021

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This ad does not mean that the browser will simply crash when opening the search or prevent display of results. Instead, these people will just have a more simplistic experience, without all the features that Google regularly adds, which should impact the quality of the information displayed.

If for some reason it doesn’t If you are able to migrate to Edge, Chrome, or Firefox, you can continue to use search, but be aware of the limitations. See how everything will be simplified:

Microsoft Edge has an “Internet Explorer Mode” that allows compatibility with applications that only run in the old browser. So, the main reason to change browsers would be just for convenience or bureaucratic impediments, in the business case.

IE will end (finally)

The Internet Explorer 10 was released in 2021 and was part of the Windows 8.1 package. Although it was also compatible with Windows 7, it marked the end of an era of Microsoft browsers to make way for the Chromium-based program from Windows 10 in 2015. According to StatCounter, the browser has less than 1% of the desktop app market share as of September 2021 — at less than the 2013% Chrome.

It is worth remembering that the Google Workspace package, such as Docs , Gmail and Meet no longer work correctly in IE. It remains to be seen whether the end of support for Google’s search, the most popular in the world, will make companies and developers decide to leave Internet Explorer 11 aside and finally give him a well-deserved rest.

Source: 9to5Google

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