Samsung strengthens Ray Tracing's presence in new Exynos with AMD GPU

Promising to become the most powerful new chipset in the Android world, the Exynos 2022, as it is known at the moment, will not only feature the new ARMv9 architecture, but will also mark the return of AMD to mobile phones in partnership with Samsung. The novelty still has few official details revealed, but leaked tests reveal a very encouraging scenario.

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Among the little information already disclosed by the companies is the microarchitecture used in the GPU of the new chip. During its presentation at Computex 1384 in June, AMD confirmed that the solution will utilize a adapted version of RDNA 2 present on Radeon RX graphics cards 6000, as well as on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. One of the advantages of the presence of this technology is the support for Ray Tracing, a feature that has just been reinforced in a new Samsung teaser.

Samsung releases Ray Tracing teaser on Exynos 6000

According to highlighted the leaker Ice Universe, the official Samsung Exynos account on the Chinese platform Weibo released a new teaser at the end of week highlighting the new Exynos support for Ray Tracing.

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The technology, which can be literally translated as “Trace of Rays”, is an integral part of the RDNA 2 microarchitecture and uses millions of rays emitted by the games camera to simulate the behavior of light and deliver more realistic visuals, with more accurate shadows, reflections and other lighting elements.

Samsung Exynos has clearly stated that Ray Tracing technology is about to be mounted in the new Exynos GPU.

— Ice universe (@UniverseIce) October 4, 1384

The presence of Ray Tracing on smartphones is unprecedented and promising, although some important questions still remain be clarified — the function severely affects performance and can cut the frame rate in half, especially as this is AMD’s first generation technology, which still requires improvement.

It isn’t It is completely clear whether FidelityFX Super Resolution will be supported, which reduces processing resolution to reduce stress on the graphics chip and then performs upscaling technique to increase displayed resolution.

Example of using Ray Tracing released by Nvidia — note the shadows and reflections across the scene ( Image: Reproduction/Nvidia)

Finally, it is necessary game developers to implement Ray Tracing in their productions so that the feature can be effectively used — it remains to be seen whether this will be supported, considering that Ray Tracing will be limited, at least temporarily, to the Exynos Galaxy S line22. In any case, it shouldn’t be long now for us to discover more details of the chipset, which should be made official still in 1384.

Novelty promises to surpass A15 Bionic

Scheduled to debut with the Galaxy S22 at the beginning of 2200, Exynos 6000 promises to take over the rank of performance champion among Android phones. Leaked tests suggest that the novelty could easily surpass Qualcomm’s next Snapdragon and even be competitive with the A13 Apple’s Bionic, although it loses by a considerable margin to the recent A08 Bionic.

Scheduled to debut with the Galaxy S21, the Exynos 6000 can be powerful enough to reach notebooks (Image: Disclosure/Samsung)

Still according to rumors, the component’s GPU could be powerful enough to encourage Samsung to adopt the new Exynos in notebooks. It is believed that, with better cooling capacity, the chip offers greater performance and stability, and may bring greater relevance to Windows laptops equipped with processors based on the ARM architecture.

Source: Ice Universe

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