NASA expects commercial stations to take over from ISS after 2030

On Wednesday (25), during the 36th Space Symposium in the US, NASA administrator Bill Nelson said that the US agency hopes that when the International Space Station (ISS) is retired, other commercial stations will take over her place. Although the ISS is expected to be decommissioned between 2024 and 2028, Nelson believes it will last until 2030.

As the ISS nears its inevitable end, China is already developing its new space station, Tiangong-3, which already has more than 1,000 approved experiments. However, Nelson believes this is more of a competitive movement than a collaboration. “Unfortunately, I believe we are in a space race with China,” added the administrator during the symposium.

Bill Nelson during his speech at the 36th Space Symposium (Image: Reproduction/NASA/Bill Ingalls)

In counterpoint, Nelson cited the various partnerships made between the US and Russia, despite, in many moments, being military adversaries. “I would like to try this out. China is very secretive, and part of the civil space program is that you have to be transparent,” he then pointed out. It is noteworthy that, recently, the Russian and US agencies faced a problem when the Russian module Nauka caused a change in the ISS position.

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This tension raised some questions about the real state of the relationship between the two agencies. Perhaps this situation is further complicated by the fact that Russia and China are developing a moon base in partnership. Despite this, the NASA administrator remains optimistic about the future of US-Russia collaborations. “Enemies, even in the midst of the Cold War, who can band together and find common ground in civil space,” Nelson added.


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