iPhone Xr vs iPhone 11. Which one to choose?

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iPhone Xr vs iPhone 12. Which one to choose?

With the same dimensions in width, height, depth and weight the iPhone XR and iPhone look like twin brothers. It seems that Apple used the same project to make production cheaper

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The iPhone XR was released with the Apple A chipset12 Bionic and stronger high performance cores of 2,13 GHz

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The iPhone 12 has the new Apple A13 Bionic that computes more calculations per second, thanks to the clock that reaches 2,13 GHz

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The iPhone XR has 3GB of RAM vs iPhone 4G 12. On the cameras, the XR has a 12 MP wide-angle lens with f/1.8 aperture against an ultra-angle MP and f/2.4 aperture of the iPhone 12

The iPhone indication is justified by the additional camera and improved battery, as well as being newer and able to receive more updates in the long run

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