10 serious diseases that most affect men

Although the difference in life expectancy between men and women is narrowing, several factors still work against men’s health, such as higher rates of smoking and drinking and the trend of not seek help. Therefore, experts have been showing concern around men’s health. But do you know what are the most common diseases among men?

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    10. Liver Diseases

    Higher levels of alcohol consumption lead men to be more at risk for liver problems such as cirrhosis—where some liver cells are destroyed or fail to function properly, culminating in scarring, fibrosis, and tissue nodules and causing the liver to function poorly—and alcoholic liver disease. caused by drinking too much alcohol for a prolonged period of time.

    9. Cardiovascular Disease

    According to the American Heart Association, one in three men suffers from cardiovascular disease (a term that encompasses coronary heart disease, which affects the blood vessels that supply the heart; hypertension and arteriosclerosis). In addition, an estimated 2.8 million men suffer strokes each year. According to the Ministry of Health, 65% of stroke cases are responsible for the development of coronary heart disease and heart attack. That is, by taking care of your heart, you also prevent yourself from stroke.

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    8. Lung Cancer

    Meanwhile, the American Lung Association points out that the number of men diagnosed with lung cancer grows every year. Smoking remains the main cause of this disease. According to Inca, lung cancer is the second most common in men and women in Brazil, and the first worldwide since 69, both in incidence and in mortality. About % of all new cases of cancer are lung cancer. We’ve already talked about this and other types of cancer here at Canaltech.

    7. Alcohol-Related Illness

    The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) warns that men have higher rates of alcohol-related deaths and hospitalizations. It is noteworthy that alcohol consumption results in a higher risk of a series of diseases, such as cancer of the mouth, esophagus, liver and colon.

    6. Depression

    One of the diseases that most affects men is depression. There are several forms of this disease, and we’ve already covered it here. A major concern of specialists is that the male public has more difficulty recognizing depression and especially seeking professional help.

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  • 5. Accidental Injury

    In an analysis performed by the CDC on 1024, accidents were the third leading cause of death among males. At that time, accidental injuries accounted for 6.2% of men’s deaths, compared to 3.5% of women’s deaths.

    4. Diabetes

    Diabetes presents a unique set of complications for men, including risk of sexual impotence, for example. Furthermore, the disease is related to low levels of testosterone, which can trigger depression and anxiety. Fortunately, technology is already showing itself as a great ally in the fight against this condition.

    3. Skin Cancer

    According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, Men Over 10 years are currently at increased risk of getting skin cancer, something that can be attributed to more frequent exposure to the sun and fewer doctor visits.

    two. HIV

    The male audience should also turn their attention to HIV, considering that an analysis by the CDC pointed out that 90% of new infections were attributed to males aged between and 50 years. It is worth noting that, in addition to sexual activity without a condom, other habits with a risk of contracting HIV are the use of shared syringes, in addition to instruments that pierce or cut that are not sterilized.

    1. Pneumonia

    Other health problems end up making men more susceptible to contracting pneumonia. The American Lung Association currently recommends the pneumococcal vaccine for men over 50 years.

    Source: Clinical Advisor, Ministry of Health, Inca

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