How to download Play Store on mobile

Google Play Store is the store for Android phones where you can download apps and games, or buy and rent digital movies and books. The platform receives constant updates, but it may be that, for older phones, they take longer to be released.

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Also, not every Android device necessarily comes with the Google App Store installed at the factory. It is also possible that, for some reason, the app has been disabled on your device, and therefore it is no longer visible.

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  • In a broader scenario, you may have turned off the option to use the store on a Google account with a domain of your own and want to go back. Regardless of which of the cases mentioned is yours, know that all can be resolved quickly and practically. So, check out below how to download the Play Store on your mobile!

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    How to download the Play Store on mobile

    If you are just looking to download the latest version of the platform, first check which version is installed on your mobile. To do this, open the store and tap the icon with your photo and, in the opened window then select “Settings”. Expand the “About” section and check the version.

    Go to Play Sotre’s “Settings” tab to see which your version (Screenshot: Matheus Bigogno)

    Knowing which version, you can confirm that you will download an APK of a more current one.

    Step 1: via a web browser, access the Google Play Store APK download page on APKMirror. Locate the most current version of the store and tap the “Down arrow” icon.

    Access APKMirror, find the most current version and tap “Download” (Screenshot: Matheus Bigogno)

    Step 2

    : on the next page, click on “See available downloads” to check how many download options are available.

    Click on “See availabçe downloads” to continue (Screenshot: Matheus Bigogno)

    Step 3: Tap the “Down Arrow” icon again in the most current version of APK.

    Locate the most current version of the APK and tap “Download” (Capture screenplay: Matheus Bigogno)

    Step 4

    : Click on “Download APK” and wait until the file is downloaded. Once that’s done, open it to be able to install it.

    Click on “Download APK” and open it to install it (Screenshot: Matheus Bigogno)

    Step 5

    : if necessary, allow apps to be installed from other sources, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge or other browsers.

    Allow your browser to install unknown apps (Screenshot: Matheus Bigogno)

    Step 6: wait until the Play Store is installed and, if necessary, a pop-up will appear asking for confirmation to install updates. Tap “Install” and use the store as usual.

    Click in ” Install” to install updates from Play Store (Screenshot: Matheus Bigogno)

    How to reactivate the Play Store on mobile

    Although it is not possible to uninstall the Play Store, it is possible to deactivate it, so that it is invisible on the cell phone — and it is not rare that this happens without the person intending to. If this is your case, check below how to reactivate it.

    Step 1

    : Go to Android “Settings”, tap “Apps & notifications” and click “See all apps” to open the full list. Once that’s done, locate and open the “Google Play Store”.

    Go to your phone’s list of apps and open the “Google Play Store” (Screenshot: Matheus Bigogno)

    Step 2

    : click on “Activate ” for the store to be reactivated on your cell phone.

    Touch in “Activate” to reactivate the store on your mobile (Screenshot: Matheus Bigogno)

    For more information on recovering the missing Play Store, check out our tutorial:

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How to allow access to the Play Store in organizations

If you are an organization administrator and manage Google accounts through the Admin Console and have disabled access to the Play Store, please be aware that you can re-enable it.

Step 1: Access the Admin Console, click on “Apps” in the left menu and select “Additional Services Of google”.

Access the Admin Console, click on “Apps” and select “Google Additional Services” (Screenshot: Matheus Bigogno)

Step 2

: Locate the Google Play Store in the list, click in the “Three dots”, select “Activate for all” and, in the pop-up that opens then click on “Activate”. This way, everyone in the organization will be able to use the Android store.

Locate Google Play and enable for all users (Screenshot: Matheus Bigogno)

Ready! Now you can download, update, reactivate or allow organization accounts to access the Play Store.

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