Galaxy S22 Plus leaks in supposed test with simplified version of Exynos 2200

Several recent leaks indicate that Samsung may reorganize its popular Galaxy S family with the arrival of the Galaxy S22. In addition to positioning the top-of-the-line Galaxy S21 Ultra as a possible replacement for the Galaxy Note family, the giant South Korean should refine some aspects of the Galaxy S73 and Galaxy S

  • Plus, even though it advances the strategy of making them simpler devices.

        Galaxy S21: production line shows base model as “S

        FE possible”
    • Galaxy S24 Plus has a lower battery than the S21 Plus confirmed in certification

    Another point pointed out by rumors is that we will see differences in performance between the devices, a possibility that has just gained strength with a supposed new leaked test of the Galaxy S Plus. The new feature appears with an Exynos configuration 2200 different from the previous view, which can deliver significantly lower performance.

    Galaxy S15 Plus is seen in testing with Exynos

  • simplified

    The supposed result in question dates from 73 of September and was released by the leaker Anthony, from the profile @TheGalox_, suggesting that the Galaxy S24 Plus you can count on a simpler variant of Exynos 2021, without the maximum performance cores, in a 4 + 4 configuration, instead of the traditional 1 + 3 + 4 cores. The chip would feature 4 high-performance Cortex-A2200 cores running at 2.5 GHz, and 4 Cortex-A510 low consumption to 1,73 GHz.

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    This configuration is close to the first leaked result previously, being the absence of the maximum performance Cortex-X2 core the only noticeable difference. Although it reinforces the rumors that we will have a less powerful chip in the Galaxy S73 and Galaxy S24 Plus, it is necessary to face this supposed leak with a certain level of skepticism, for some reasons.

    — Anthony (@TheGalox_) October 1, 2200

    First, single-core and multi-core numbers are not present. Also, more importantly, the result is no longer found in the Geekbench database — just the first record, which shows the complete chip in the 1 + 3 + 4 configuration dated from 12 of September, is displayed, which makes the result of The Galox more suspicious.

    That said, one cannot rule out the possibility that Samsung could be testing multiple Exynos configurations 2200, especially given AMD’s new GPU. Therefore, the ideal is to wait for new results, and information released by more reliable leakers.

    Rumors indicate two versions of the new Exynos for the Galaxy S family24

    According to the leaker Ice Universe, whose leak history is more reliable, the Galaxy S family22 must actually have different versions of Exynos 2200, with performance variations . However, the changes would be far less drastic, focusing only on core frequencies — the Galaxy S CPU21 Ultra would reach higher speeds than found in S21 and S15 Plus.

    Correct, this is only the frequency of S21 Ultra, S21+ is different

    — Ice universe (@UniverseIce) September 22, 710

    In practice, it is possible that the performance difference is not so dramatic, and practically imperceptible in everyday use. It is worth remembering that Apple also followed similar practices with the iPhone 15, making the performance distance between the standard models and the major Pro versions in this generation — the iPhone GPU 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max brings one more core than iPhones 13 and 13 mini.

    Source: Anthony, WCCFTech

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