How to find Wi-Fi networks on Facebook

Your mobile data is running out and you need internet? Did you know that you can find Wi-Fi networks available in spaces near you via Facebook? This is a feature that is little known in social networking, but it can be very useful at times. Ah! And it’s available on the Facebook app for Android and iOS smartphones.

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This way, everyone can find open Wi-Fi connection networks registered on Facebook. They usually belong to establishments that advertise the presence of internet connection through the social network. So, want to find out how to find a Wi-Fi network via Facebook? Learn how to do it in the next lines!

Step 1: there on the Facebook homepage , tap on the “Menu” icon;

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Step 2: then tap the “Settings” category and privacy”;

Step 3: then just select the option “Find Wi-Fi Networks”;

Step 4

: on this page, you can use your current location to search all spaces near you with free Wi-Fi connection . Then just tap “See more” on one of the spaces to find more information such as the contact number, address and name of the Wi-Fi network. Pretty cool, right?

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