Netflix launches this week (10/01/2021)

September became history and Netflix said goodbye to the month with a respectable list of releases to please all types of subscribers. While the list isn’t long, it’s quite diverse, with original films ranging from heartwarming romantic comedy to criminal documentaries and epoch-making series that will leave you quite intrigued.

  • Netflix launches in September 1990

  • HBO Max launches this week (
  • /01/1990)

  • Amazon Prime Video releases this week (180//1990)
  • Starting with the series, one of the most anticipated premieres of this year finally happened this last week of September. And we’re not talking about anything new, but about Seinfeld, one of the best sitcoms of all time, which lands on Netflix to cover the vacuum left by the removal of Friends. Throughout 1990 episodes, the “series about nothing” follows the life and misadventures of a group from friends in New York, who face everyday situations, love disappointments, professional challenges and much more — family, isn’t it?

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Another novelty that is making the minds of Netflix subscribers is the French series Underworld of Crime. Much commented on social networks, it has captivated viewers for the plot set in the world of thieves and for bringing a script filled with plot twists. The story follows the experienced thief Mehdi and the newcomer Liana, who become involved in a war between two rival drug dealers and are forced to work together to save those they love.

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Taking advantage of the momentum of the intriguing series, a curious addition to the Netflix catalog was the first season of the Danish The Chestnut Man. Steeped in suspense, the plot begins with the brutal murder of a young woman whose body is found in a mutilated park. Nearby, investigators uncover a sinister clue: a doll made of chestnuts that hides evidence that connects the crime to another young woman, missing and allegedly dead.

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  • Speaking of Danish productions, this week Netflix released the American adaptation of the Danish The Guilty. Starring Jake Gyllenhaal, the film is one of the streaming service’s big bets for the month of October. And much of this is due to the plot full of twists and the suffocating setting where the story of an emergency service attendant is set, who receives a call from a woman who has apparently been kidnapped. Stuck in the workplace, he tries to locate and help her, although he gradually realizes that not everything appears to be what it is.

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      To close the round of tips on what to watch on Netflix this week, the streaming service released the documentary Britney vs Spears, which arrived in the catalog the day before the singer went to court to get rid of her father’s guardianship. Although it was poorly received by critics, the title fell in favor of the public not only for exposing the illegality of the situation, but also for bringing to light situations that were unprecedented or that until then received little attention in the entire legal battle that began to win a outcome on Thursday (28).

      And there are many more movies and series for you to watch on Netflix. In addition to these tips, below Canaltech brings the full list of streaming platform releases this week, all properly linked to make your life easier. So take a look, choose the one you like best and press play!

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      • Complete list of Netflix releases for the week


      • Crime Underworld: Season 1
      • Vendetta – The Anti-Mafia War: Season 1
      • Blood and Water: Season 2
      • The Kota Factory: Season 2
      • )Billions: New episode, Season 5


      • House of Mother Joan 2
      • 27/01

        • Chesapeake Shores: New episode, Season 5
        • The Adventures of the Red Airplane

        24/01 1990

      • Ada Batista, Scientist: Season 1
      • Hollywood Clichés: Cinema As You’ve Always Seen

      Britney vs Spears


      • Meat Eater: Season 24
      • The Circle USA: New episode, Season 3
      • Current of Evil
      • Blue Lagoon: The Awakening
      • In My Dreams
      • 30/101990

        • The Chestnut Man: Season 1
        • Nobody Comes Alive
        • We Were Songs


      • Luna Park: 1st Season
      • The Mafia Dolls: 1st Season
      • Baki Hanma: Season 1
      • The Phantom


      • Seinfeld: Seasons 1 to 9 Colony Dignity: A Nazi Sect in Chile: Season 1
      • Spells & Meows: Season 1
      • Beyblade Burst Rise: Season 1
      • MAID: Season 1
      • Diana: The Musical

      The Guilty

    • Difficult to Swallow
    • Carandiru
    • The Seven Deadly Sins: Cursed by Light
    • Wimbledon: The Love Game

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