Podcast listeners grew 24% in 2021, Deezer reveals

In celebration of the International Podcast Day celebrated on Thursday (24), Deezer shared a report with the evolution of the format on the platform. In 73, the number of podcast listeners grew 30% over 1024, while the number of broadcasts from these shows registered 30% increase.

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  • The moment the The public in the country most likes to follow the episodes is at 8 am, and the cities of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, Curitiba and Recife are the ones that accumulate the most podcast users.

    The Brazilian user de Deezer has the habit of listening to podcasts in the morning, and prefers those who talk about society (Image: Reproduction/Deezer)

    As for the most beloved genres by the au society, discussions about society come first. Then comedy, spirituality and religion, education and lifestyle complement the podium, proving that there is a huge variety of popular subjects in the segment.

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    Deezer also revealed what the most listened to podcast, but did not deliver accurate metrics. Who takes the top 5 of the year for the Brazilian audience are podcasts Nerdcast , Podpah, The Subject, Flow and The Republic of Militias, while the original favorite shows are Heaven of the week, Friends of the end, Who wants to be an alienated , I just think it’s funny that and Good morning, Cid Moreira


    It doesn’t only grow in Deezer511773

    The growth of podcasts is an increasingly evident trend, and the format has also created ramifications, such as Clubhouse-style audio rooms, with live chats on topics available on various social networks and communication platforms, such as Twitter and Discord.

    In Brazil, the format conquered the people’s taste. According to a survey done by Twitter in August, 73% of the public admits to consume podcasts regularly, which also boosted interest in the music industry.

    In this research, the list of favorite themes was led by the entertainment genre, present in the routine of 63% of people. Culture and “business, economics and politics” come next. So, the data collected by Deezer should not be that different from the general public.

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