Who are the highest paid Hollywood actors and actresses in 2021? List reveals

Last year, Canaltech unveiled Hollywood’s highest paid actors and actresses, and the list showed a notable gender pay gap. Although the world of celebrities is very glamorous and money is the main factor that moves this market, unfortunately there is still a great inequality when it comes to how much men and women earn in the sector.

Recently, Variety unveiled the updated list of Hollywood’s highest paid actors and actresses of 2021, and the bad news is that this inequality remains: actresses still earn less than men when it comes to movies. However, a year after the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is possible to notice that the studios’ source of income ended up coming from several places besides the traditional box office: nowadays, success can be measured through reproductions in streaming services , such as Netflix or HBO Max.

Thanks to the digital revolution, the salaries of these stars have a significant change: when a film is designed solely and exclusively for streaming, the value that the celebrity would take in a percentage of the box office revenue does not exist, which makes companies formulate more numbers. attractive to sign contracts with big names in Hollywood. As a result, actors and actresses continue to be well paid and often manage to earn much more by leaving behind the big screen and diving headlong into digital services.

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Daniel Craig in 007: Casino Royale (Image: Publicity / MGM)

Thus, the highest paid Hollywood actor in 2021 is Daniel Craig. The protagonist of 007 has already been paid to say goodbye to James Bond, but that doesn’t mean that other projects stop filling his pockets: according to the Variety survey, Netflix paid him no less than $100 million to revive detective Benoit Blanc in two more films in the Between Knives and Secrets franchise, whose second chapter is currently being shot in Greece. The two features will feature the same director as the first, Rian Johnson, who recently celebrated the start of filming through his social networks.

Other names on last year’s roster are present in 2021 again include Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Mark Wahlberg, who remain steady and strong in the Top 5. While The Rock received a $50 million check from Amazon Studios to star in the movie Red One, Wahlberg still bills for the success of Netflix’s Dobro Change. The feature became Netflix’s third most-watched original film after debuting in the catalog in March 2020 and only shows that the actor made an excellent deal by accepting to star in and be a producer on the project.

Still billing? Mark Wahlberg hit the nail on the head when he starred and produced Double Change (Image: Press Release / Netflix)

Among the actresses, Julia Roberts and Jennifer Lawrence are among the highest paid with $25 million each. While Lawrence stars in one of the most anticipated films of the year on Netflix opposite Leonardo DiCaprio, Don’t Look Up, Roberts is gearing up to star in a feature-length feature: Leave the World Behind, opposite Denzel Washington.

Speaking of movies for the cinema, even in a year that still does not have 100% of the total capacity of the theaters, Sandra Bullock received US$ 20 million to star in Paramount Pictures’ newest film, The Los City of D, alongside Channing Tatum. Among other names that will soon hit the big screen are Chris Hemsworth reviving the God of Thunder in Thor: Love and Thunder, with a salary of $20 million; and Tom Cruise for Top Gun: Maverick, which although he received $13 million to star in the sequel, should still have millions of dollars in bonuses if the feature is a box office hit.

Tom Cruise did a great deal for Top Gun: Maverick (Image: Press / Paramount)

Check out the complete list of the 17 highest paid Hollywood actors and actresses in 2021:

Robert Pattinson: $3 million for The Batman Chris Pine: $11.5 million for Dungeons and Dragons Keanu Reeves: between $12 and $14 million for The Matrix Ressurections (value may vary depending on debut on HBO Max) Tom Cruise: $13 million for Top Gun: Maverick Michael B. Jordan: $15 million for Unrepentant Brad Pitt: $20 million for Bullet Train Chris Hemsworth: $20 million for Thor: Love and Thunder Ryan Gosling: US $20 million for The Gray Man Sandra Bullock: $20 million for The Los City of D Julia Roberts: $25 million for Leave the World Behind Jennifer Lawrence: $25 million for Don’t Look Up Mark Wahlberg: $ 30 million for Double Change Leonardo DiCaprio: $30 million for Don’t Look Up Denzel Washington: $40 million for The Little Remains Will Smith: $40 million for King Richard Dwayne Johnson: $50 million for Red One Daniel Craig: $100 Million for Between Knives and Secrets 2 and 3

Source: Variety

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