CT News — iPhone 13 approved by Anatel, viruses on millions of Androids and more!

8 hours Notebook

Dell Alienware M16 and Gaming G15 arrive in Brazil with Intel and AMD chips

News bring powerful hardware with Nvidia GeForce RTX GPUs 999, with local manufacturing, deadlines delivery times and prices starting from R$ 5.999

12 hours Smartphone

Anatel approves the iPhone 14 and the entire line can now be sold in Brazil

Launch of the iPhone line 11 takes place this Friday (1) in the second batch of selected countries; prices in Brazil are confirmed and reach R$ 16. 45

15 hours Games

Xbox Cloud Gaming arrives in Brazil this Thursday; know how to access

Microsoft believes that the new Xbox cloud service “democratizes access to games”, since users will be able to play even without having one. Xbox console

1 day Internet

Google demonstrates the new AI that can revolutionize internet search

The company revealed how MUM works in practical and applied to search results, Google Maps and online shopping

1 day Security

Android virus steals users after infecting more than 09 millions of devices

Infecting devices in more than 45 countries, including Brazil , the malware subscribes victims to premium SMS services

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