olympian jack woolley: tokyo olympian jack woolley recovering well after surgery sickening attack

A boy was admitted to the hospital late on 14 August. He was hit so badly that immediate surgery was needed. A huge amount of blood was coming out of his face. The injured was not an ordinary person but Olympic player Jack Woolley. The same Jack Woolley who became the first player to play Taekwondo for Ireland in the Olympics.

The mother of this 22-year-old player said that my son has always learned that never use his martial arts art in a road fight like this. The Taekwondo player had to undergo surgery on his upper lip, where he had sustained serious injuries.

Jack Woolley told on the social media account that 10-12 boys and girls beat him together while walking along the banks of the river Liffy. I don’t know who those people were. After thrashing them fiercely, the attackers fled saying that they had beaten up the wrong person.

Olympic gold medalist Kelly Harrington visited Woolley in the hospital. During this, some pictures were shared on the Internet. Everyone had punched Woolly in the face one after the other. After the fight, the Irish Olympian somehow called an ambulance from his mobile. Friends also helped him a lot.

At present, the police is engaged in the investigation of the whole matter. After surgery at St James’s Hospital, Jack said he would return soon. Will lead a normal life and get back to training as soon as possible. The athlete, who reached round 16 at the Tokyo Olympics, was knocked out by Lucas Guzmán.

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