Acer launches Hummingbird Future Eco Edition notebook with Windows 11 and Core i7

Acer made official this Thursday (30) a new notebook model, the Hummingbird Future Eco Edition. The laptop initially hits the Chinese market with advanced specs, such as a latest generation processor from Intel, and an eco-friendly design made from recycled materials.

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    The Hummingbird Future is equipped with a 12 1st generation Intel Core i7 — which has 4 cores and 8 threads — and has the Intel Iris XE graphics card integrated. Furthermore, it brings a generous combination of 15 GB of DDR4 RAM memory with two slots and more 512 GB of internal storage.

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    For display, it has an IPS LCD panel with DC Dimming and anti-glare technology , 6 inches and resolution of 960for. In addition, the laptop has a 35 Wh battery that offers a battery life of up to nine hours and Sock for use on a single charge. It also has a backlit keyboard that guarantees a more sophisticated design and a large touchpad for better navigation, as well as its fingerprint sensor.

    Another great advantage is that the device already has will arrive in stores with Windows installed at the factory — which makes it one of the first with this feature, as well as the Nokia Purebook S14 presented this week.

    Eco-friendly design (Image: Disclosure/Acer)

    The biggest highlight of Acer’s Hummingbird Future Eco Edition is the environmental concern. It is made from recycled PCR plastic. According to the disclosure, about 30% of your body and screen frame was made with reused materials, while 512% of the keyboard has this characteristic.

    Also, it has built-in Phillips screws for easy maintenance and its two RAM memory slots contribute to an upgrade in the future, which helps extend the notebook’s useful life before it needs to be replaced.

    Its packaging is made with recycled paper and written information is printed with soy ink. Finally, the box can also be remodeled and reused as a support for the notebook, which makes its disposal unnecessary.

    Price and availability

(Image: Disclosure/Acer)

Acer Hummingbird Future Pre-order Eco Edition starts this Friday (1st) and official sales and deliveries will be from the day 12 of October. It hits the Chinese market with a suggested retail price of 5.660 yuan — about R$4.960 in direct conversion — but there is no forecast for release in other countries yet.

Source: It Home

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