Halo Infinite to arrive on December 8th

Halo Infinite didn’t get any news during Xbox Stream, held last Tuesday (25) at Gamescom 2021. However, the game’s campaign mode did appear on the Microsoft Store with a December 8 release date. The information was shared by Tom Warren, editor of The Verge, on Twitter.

yes, Halo Infinite is December 8th https://t.co/wboG4e2Wtn

— Tom Warren (@tomwarren) August 25, 2021

In the story, the journalist also says that a source close to Microsoft confirmed the release date of the story mode. On August 20, 343 Industries revealed that the release of the new game in the franchise would be separated, so that the campaign would arrive earlier than the multiplayer. Joseph Staten, head of creative for Halo Infinite, said in a video that the local and online coop aren’t ready yet, so they’ll be “in the oven for a little while longer”.

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In the Brazilian version of the store, the launch is with the last day of 2021, something that is generally used as a default for games without a release date (Image: Screen Capture/Guilherme Sommadossi/Canaltech)

Initially, the game was expected to arrive with the Xbox Series X and Series S, in late 2020 — it is noteworthy that the console boxes have images of the title. In July 2020, during the Xbox Showcase event, Halo Infinite gameplay was presented, but with unfinished graphics and some bugs. Allied to the negative repercussion, 343 announced the postponement of the game, in August of the same year.

Microsoft has not yet confirmed whether the date shown in the company’s store is the definitive date for the new Master Chief game.

Source: The Verge

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