Apple finally lets users rate the company's apps in the App Store

One of Apple’s many peculiarities with its app store was the fact that it wasn’t possible to leave reviews of the company’s programs. You can rate virtually all the software installed on your iPhone or iPad, but don’t even think about registering your praise or dissatisfaction with Apple’s solutions.

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Now, however, the company seems determined to change that, because the review and comments section has been released. The fear was probably a bad rating that would discourage other users from using the brand’s native programs. And that’s exactly what can happen: Apple Maps, Files, and Home are three examples that scored between three and four stars only.

Although it has positive ratings, Mail’s overall average is quite low (Image: Screenshot/Canaltech)

As for Mail, the Apple version of Microsoft Outlook and Gmail have one of the lowest ratings (2.8 stars) with several complaints that recent updates have brought issues and bugs. The worst rated, however, is Apple News and its mere 2.3 stars in more than 660 reviews.

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On the other hand, there is also applications that are doing well in the general sieve. Find iPhone, used to find lost phones, already garners 4.2 stars, while GarageBand music editor has 4.1 stars in , 3,000 analyses.

The music app has done well with thousands of positive reviews (Image: Screenshot/Canaltech)

User does not forgive

Because it is something recent, it may be that few users know about it and have not yet had time to Sort your favorite apps. The difficult thing is to know if people, adapted to the lack of open feedback in the store, will be willing to access the App Store and cast their positive vote. The iOS ecosystem covers more than a billion iPhones in active use across the planet and the ratings should still vary a bit.

Now, it remains to be seen whether Apple will be willing to collect the user comments and notes to work on solutions that satisfy the desires. The attitude shows that there is receptivity in this regard, but it is still too early to know if there will be an impact on the quality of apps. Prepare your keyboard, warm up your fingers and send it to the reviews to praise or detonate Apple programs.

Source: App Store, 9to5Mac

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