University to test vitamin A against postcovid olfaction loss

Among the most worrying consequences of covid-, is the loss of smell. With that in mind, the University of East Anglia (UK) is looking for a vitamin A-based nasal treatment. weeks long. The idea is that part of the volunteers receive the treatment and the other part receive a placebo.

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    The idea is that everyone involved in the tests is asked to smell strong odors , like rotten eggs and roses. Researchers will then see if the vitamin repaired damaged olfactory pathways. When it comes to the loss of smell, most people recover naturally within a few weeks, but many are left with ongoing disturbances.

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    Some people even develop parosmia after Covid, which it means that the odor of many common things changes. Certain foods and even water start to have a bad odor, so simple everyday activities such as taking a shower or brushing teeth become unpleasant ​​because of the distorted sense of smell.

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” We want to find out if there is an increase in the size and activity of the damaged olfactory pathways in patients’ brains when they are treated with vitamin A nasal drops. We will look for changes in the size of the olfactory bulb . We’ll also look at activity in areas of the brain linked to smell recognition,” say the study’s lead authors. You can follow the tests here.

Source: BBC News

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