Facebook expands Instagram Reels display to rival TikTok

Instagram Reels is now also part of Facebook in a new location. The integration entered tests in August of this year in the United States, the country where it officially debuts now, and acts as a reinforcement in the popularization of the video format and to intensify the dispute against TikTok.

  • Facebook starts taking Reels to the main app to stir up dispute with TikTok
  • Instagram studies paying for those who use Reels a in order to fight TikTok
  • Facebook tests to display Instagram Reels to intensify dispute with TikTok

With the update, any user can create Reels directly from Facebook, completely eliminating the use of Instagram. An experimental recommendation system is also available for Instagram creators to automatically share their material on Mark Zuckerberg’s network.

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Just like on Instagram, the videos posted on Reels will serve as a means of discovering new profiles and creators. At the top of the News Feed, users will find posts related to their interests and what is most popular at the moment, all algorithmically forwarded.

This same resource sharing has been taking place in India since March of this year. year. In the country, TikTok exploded in popularity, but was banned by the local government.

Reels’ automatic sharing tool focuses on creators’ audience growth (Image: Reproduction/Facebook)

O Reels on Facebook arrives today (29) to the social networking app for Android and iOS with the same features as the original feature. Filters, music and editing tools have all been preserved in this “new” version of the format.

Reels Monetization Expanded

To complement the news, Facebook also announced the new Reels Play, an incentive program that remunerates content creators based on the number of views obtained on Reels. The novelty will only be available to US breeders at the beginning and, to become eligible, you must be invited.

Videos Reels appear right at the top of the Facebook app’s News Feed (Image: Playback/Facebook)

Another addition inherited from the arrival of Reels on Facebook is the support for payment in Stars. Soon, the platform will also explore ways of serving ads in the main app’s short videos.

In the official announcement, the company does not mention the possibility of the integration also reaching Brazil, but considering the trend of expansion, this should not take long to happen.

Source: Facebook

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