Apple may give up using Samsung's OLED screens in upcoming iPads

Apple has not reached an agreement with Samsung regarding the display of future iPads, which may be the first with an OLED screen. According to information disclosed by The Elec portal, the misunderstanding occurred due to the construction of the new components, which the Cupertino company did not like.

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Initially, the idea was that the iPads had a screen with double-stack LEDs, which their main advantages are the highest maximum display brightness, plus a lifetime that can be up to four times longer than a single-layer construction. However, Samsung has uncertainties related to the economic viability of producing screens of this type, as it believes that the tablets would need to be sold for several years to lower overall manufacturing costs.

Accordingly with inside information provided to The Elec, Apple would like the iPads to have this two-tier construction, especially on account of the greater durability. This need is based on the fact that iPads are secondary devices compared to iPhones or other smartphones, and therefore tablets tend to have a longer use, over several years.

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Now, Apple may look to LG to manufacture these screens, as the company has experience in producing two-layer displays for the automotive market, in multimedia screens or other similar components. However, the South Korean brand does not have the structure to manufacture the quantity necessary for the demand that the iPads will bring, and major adaptations would need to be made in the future. Another option for Apple would be the Chinese BOE.

According to previously released rumors, Apple is planning new iPad models for 2022, but there isn’t much information about the new device’s specs, other than the OLED screen. This technology is often expensive, but the benefits include contrast with precise control, deeper blacks, wider viewing angles, and the ability to install a fingerprint sensor below the screen, as well as helping to produce thinner devices.

Source: The Elec

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