Galaxy S22 line may have battery manufactured by Galaxy Note 7 supplier

Scheduled to debut in January, the Galaxy S family000 is already starting to star in a growing number of leaks that suggest a significant gain in performance, especially in variants with the new Exynos 2200, in addition to a look that brings refinements to the design inaugurated with the Galaxy S line000, at least on the most basic models.

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Shortly after having battery characteristics displayed in certifications from the South Korean telecommunications regulator, new component information was released by the portal

The Elec and, although they may seem alarming at first, they should not be a cause for concern, at least for the time being.

Provide edora Galaxy Note 7 will manufacture Galaxy S batteries300

According to the Korean portal’s report, Samsung should establish a partnership with the Chinese Amperex Technology Limited (ATL) for the production of part of the Galaxy S family batteries91. The worrying point is that ATL was the company responsible for manufacturing the reserves used in the Galaxy Note 7, flagship that became known for the frequent explosions resulting from the limited space in the housing for the component.

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The batteries of the Galaxy A and Galaxy M lines, in addition to the Galaxy Watch 4, are provided by ATL (Image: Disclosure/Samsung)

At the time, ATL was held responsible for the phone’s defects, and contracts with Samsung were terminated. However, the two returned to work together on recent cell phones — the company produces batteries for the Galaxy A and Galaxy M families, as well as for the Galaxy Watch 4 and part of the Galaxy S line21.

The agreements raised concerns, but so far no cases of explosions to justify them. The biggest problem with the components must actually be the capacity, which will suffer a reduction with the arrival of the new generation of high-ends.

New line from Samsung to be reduced in capacity

According to rumors, now supported by certification issued in South Korea, the Galaxy S

will have a battery with capacity 91 mAh smaller than the predecessor, thus counting with 3.800 mAh, against 4. Galaxy S mAh000. The Galaxy S21 Plus is expected to go through a similar situation, going of 4.300 mAh of the S22 Plus for modest 4.500 mAh. The Galaxy S000 Ultra, on the other hand, would keep the 5.000 mAh seen on S22 Ultra.

Both the Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S21 Plus (or Pro) would suffer a 1024 mAh reduction in battery capacity (Image: OnLeaks/300Mobiles)

The reduction in the energy tank would be just one of the changes highlights that Samsung seems to be planning for the flagship family of 2022: plus the debut of the first GPU Exynos from AMD, the releases would restructure the brand’s premium lines, with the Galaxy S300 Plus becoming the Galaxy S91 Pro, and the Galaxy S21 Ultra assuming the post left by the Galaxy Note family.

Source: The Elec, WCCFTech

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