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The smart scale Smart Scale C1, by eufy, is a product aimed at those looking to monitor their health closely. Its sensors and electrodes are responsible for measuring more than ten different characteristics, including weight, BMI, and body mass.

Despite being a reference scale, it is a great ally in everyday life for those looking to have healthy habits and practices. With the possibility of registering up to 16 different profiles, the user just needs to go upstairs, wait for the scale to finish, and check the results through the app itself.

I was able to test it for two days straight and I come to bring my experience of use, and why this product can be very useful in your home. Check out our review.

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Very complete report; Up to 16 different people profiles.


Integration with other apps could be better.

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Visual and Specifications

The Eufy Smart Scale C1 is a smart scale that measures up to twelve different features of our body. Weight, body fat and muscle mass are among some of the measurements available through the app itself. It is a scale with a simple design and low profile, which can be stored in any corner of the house without any problem. The anti-slip surface along the rounded edges ensure greater safety in use.

Measurements are carried out through sensors, allied to four electrodes that are in charge of bringing us information about the current state of our body. There are two ways to check the weight on the product: through the display located on the scale, or through the application itself.

It is worth remembering that, as it is an intelligent scale, the ideal is that it is always positioned in the same place, considering that moving it ends up uncalibrating the product, making it necessary to carry out the process again.

Size: 23 x 23 x 2.3 cm; Weight range: 5 kg – 180 kg; Units of measurement: kg/Lbs.

It is possible to measure in both kilograms and pounds, and the transition between these two standards is easily done through the app. The Smart Scale C1 can safely measure between 5 kg and 180 kg, covering a good part of the Brazilian population.

(Image: Ivo/Canaltech)

Emphasizing that this product should not be used by pregnant women, professional athletes or people with pacemakers and/or other medical devices inside the body. As it is an intelligent reference scale, it does not perform any type of measurement or assessment at a medical level, being necessary to go to a professional in the area if necessary.

Finally, three AAA batteries are used for operation, provided in the product box.

Physical Monitoring

Through sensors and electrodes located at the top, Smart Scale checks our body measurements. In total, there are twelve readings performed:

Weight; Body fat; BMR (basal metabolism rate); lean mass; Bone mass in kg/lbs; BMI; Water; Bone mass in percentage; visceral fat; Body fat mass; Muscle mass.

In addition to showing all these measures through a very complete report, it is possible to understand all the details of each of these metrics by touching the corresponding symbols that are available through the mobile app. There is also the possibility to check the numbers and percentages from minimum to maximum through a line of measurements available in the app. It, in addition to indicating your situation, also shows if you have the measurements below (yellow), correct (green), or above (red) than expected.

It also saves the results of previous reports to bring up the trend curve, allowing you to ascertain some future probabilities by analyzing past data.

Eufy’s smart scale, the Smart Scale C1, was made for common users and physical education professionals who want an easily accessible product for measuring their health.


Smart Scale C1 is connected and paired with the cell phone via Bluetooth 4.2 connection. The configuration process was quick and simple during my tests, just following the step-by-step shown in the app.

After this step, it was necessary to create a new account to record the measurements and create the profiles. It is possible to create up to 16 different profiles to track the weight and other metrics of different people. If the user already has any other health monitoring app on his smartphone, the Eufy scale also synchronizes data with the Google Fit, Fitbit and Apple Health apps, which I thought was really cool.

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It also recognizes the user who is measuring the measurements without having to change the profile or make any kind of change in the app. Just go up, wait for the scale to take the measurements and check the numbers via Eufy Life.

In fact, the manufacturer’s app is the only app that delivers information more completely and accurately. If the user uses any of the other three applications mentioned above, he will not have access to all this information.

I consider this part a negative point of the product, as it could improve the information given to these other apps, which forces the user to have more than one of them installed for the same purpose, decentralizing the information. One of its main competitors – Xiaomi Mi Body Composition Scale – has an application with more complete and relevant information, in addition to performing more measurements than the C1 Scale.

Direct competitors

There are several scales on the market with characteristics very similar to the Smart Scale, but we selected the two best known in this medium: Mi Body Composition Scale 2, by Xiaomi; and the Biohealth scale, by Multilaser.

From these three models I mentioned, I was able to test the Mi Body and the Smart Scale C1 myself, and verified that the numbers and measurements shown were exactly the same in relation to my body.

The report issued in both was also very similar, explaining the importance of each one of them and the minimum and maximum metrics in detail. But among the apps I tested, Xiaomi’s was my favorite. I found it very intuitive, easy and practical to use, in addition to having more interesting options.

Biohealth — as well as the other scales above — also measures the same characteristics as its “sisters”, being another option in the market for you to evaluate before purchasing your new product. But I must confess: among the three models I mentioned above, I would choose between Xiaomi and Eufy, as these are the most reliable products on the market.


The Smart Scale C1 smart scale from Eufy is a great option for monitoring our daily body health. Despite being a scale for reference, its information is still very accurate and valid for checking weight, BMI, body mass, among others.

It is very secure, mainly because it has a non-slip base. I used the Smart Scale C1 on a very smooth and slippery floor, but even under these conditions it stayed in place. The app itself is very complete and intuitive, in addition to having explanations of all the measures given by it, which brings more security and reliability to the product.

It can also be used by the whole family, as up to 16 users are supported, each with its own reports and trend curve separate from the others. The maximum supported weight — 180 kg — also makes it a good option for a large part of the Brazilian population.

(Image: Ivo/Canaltech)

Overall, I can say that the product is very useful, has good characteristics, takes important measurements to monitor our health and does not have an exorbitant value. Costing between R$ 180 to R$ 330, just research it more carefully if you want to purchase the product at a cheaper price.

And of course, if you are interested in this scale and want to buy it at the lowest price, visit our offer link below:

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