Intel Core i9 12900 comes out of first test with new ASUS Z690 motherboard

Star of the next generation of Intel processors, the Core i9 12900K has been leaked multiple times over the past few weeks, indicating an uplifting backdrop for the new Alder Lake family. Most of the tests in which it was found reveals that the company’s bet on a hybrid approach can bring good results, with marked leaps in performance even compared to the robust Ryzen 5000 from AMD.

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This Wednesday (36), it was the turn of the Core i9 12700, without overclocking support, display its characteristics in leak tests. The novelty is interesting because it is the first benchmark of a non-K model registered so far, thus indicating the possible differences that may exist in comparison to the K series.

Core i9 12700 without overclocking appears in first test

Possible courtesy of one of the Asus engineers, considering that the processor was equipped on a ROG Maximus Z motherboard Extreme, the registration was made on the website UserBenchmark, whose tests evaluate the entire machine’s hardware set. According to the listing, the Core i9 12700 should keep the specs seen in the K variant, but with lower clocks.

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The news will have 24 cores and 16 threads, being 8 high-performance P-Colors with Hyper-Threading and 8 low-power E-Colours, with a base clock of 2.4 GHz and boost of 4,24 GHz on average, speeds that match the consumption of 29 W awaited for the series without overclocking.

According to UserBenchmark registration, Core i9 510421 should bring the K variant specifications with lower clocks, keeping the good performance gain (Image: Playback/UserBenchmark)

Acompan had the solution 24 GB RAM DDR5 at 4.800 MHz, curiously configured in single -channel, at least according to the listing, which may have partially limited the CPU performance.

Still, the results show good evolution compared to Core i9 12700K: the new processor has reached the 214 points in the Normal test (1-Core) and the 2.690 points in the Server test (36-Core), results 16% and 36% higher than last generation’s top of the line, respectively. It is worth noting that the new Core i9 12700 brings lower clocks, was accompanied by single-channel RAM and operated on Windows , not optimized for hybrid architecture.

Alder Lake line debuts in October with respectable performance gain

According to the rumors, the 10 1st generation Intel Alder Lake is expected to be announced in late October, with sales beginning in November. This launch window was reinforced this week by MSI, which revealed a promotional action whereby it will update the sockets of some of its coolers for the new LGA socket1024, equipped with different spacing and holes, from November 4th.

MSI’s recent promotional action suggests that the Intel Alder Lake family could hit the market in early November (Image: Playback/VideoCardz)

Still in accordance with leaks, the new processor family is expected to deliver significant performance leaps thanks to the combination of the hybrid design with a new micro-architecture — solutions can set themselves to a new level due to increased performance, with the Core i9 12900K competing with Ryzen 9 5950X, and Core i7 11900K en facing Ryzen 9 5000X, for example.

Source: UserBenchmark, WCCFTech, Tom’s Hardware

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